Blue Shrines

The Shrines of the Blue Priests, also called the Weepers, or the Blue Diamonds, are places where any may seek help and healing. In Shrines of the Excellent Spindle, the followers of the Lolak ( Quol and Lolak ) daughter of the King and Queen of the Gods, Bo-yu, seek to spread compassionate care to the lost, those who have changed, orphans, the widowed and all who need help. Unlike the Copper Order of the Goddess Paisamadi, who is the Queen of heaven and saves her mercy for the worthy, good wives in childbirth, the noble and those who represent their social classes, the Blue Priests take in and offer treatment for anyone.

Bo-Yu is the Goddess of water and is symbolized by the tear drop, the spindle and the diamond. Bu-Yu is a Goddess of the Order of Heaven. 
The Order of Heaven
Organization | May 24, 2023

Purpose / Function

The Weepers offer their healing to any and all, and only ask donations.  The other healing orders are quite different.  The Copper Order of Piasamadi charge for their services and only serve those who are upstanding members of their social class.  The Red Pillar School of Mozahon offers services to soldiers and warriors, eschewing treatment of commoners and noncombatant officials.

Sensory & Appearance

The Shrines will have double doors leading to the sacred space. The main chamber is where a statue representing the Goddess will hear prayers and take offerings. Footwear is to be removed, and a prayer robe worn. Bowls of salty water, representing the Goddess' tears are used to splash the face, arms and feet. The main altar will have offerings and burning incense. Frequently there are songs or chants by the novices or worshippers.  
Off the main chamber is a workroom where the novices and initiates work spinning and weaving, repairing and patching clothes for the poor, the orphans and widows and widowers. Clothes are washed and dried outside or in the cellars.
The infirmary will have a treatment room for lesser afflictions and a room with cots for the more severely ill. Typically only a dozen or so places except in greater temples. Closets or a dispensing medicine room will contain herbs, pain relievers, bandage material, pads and stitching materials and needles.
  Storage and kitchen are in the cellar, as are common bunks for initiates and acolytes.  Priest rooms may be in the cellar or in the shrine behind the main chamber.


Shrines are short conical or pyramidal structures. They may be painted blue as it is the sacred color of the Goddess Bo-Yu. The shrine will have a main chamber and one or two other rooms for priests and artifacts as well as a cellar.  Priests wear the teal gowns and diamond Spindle of the Goddess. Many are Lolak or Quol.
The priesthood of Bo-Yu are trained to recognize diseases and toxin effects. The Novices apply treatments that restore vitality and may cure small wounds.  Initiates account for about 50% of the order and have learned to stop bleeding, treat dehydration and fatigue and strengthen the body against poisons and disease. Acolytes count for 20% of the Shrine healers and have learned methods to quench the drives of addictions, draw out poisons and venoms and heal advanced wounds within hours. Sworn Priests make up about 10% of the order and may drive out infections and diseases and heal those near death and counter pains and tremors.  Only 1% of the followers are High Priests who have learned to heal the most severe wounds and complications, and dispelling possession or habitation by malign spirits.

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