Quol and Lolak

Within the empire men are viewed as generally stronger, more inclined to martial tasks and travel. Women are seen as nurturing managers of home and business, more fragile and timid. This is of course not always the case, or may be just wrong. The Master of the Family is male while the Mistress of the House is female.
In Torga Imperial fashion, men will use khol to outline the eyes, sometimes the lips. Or use other lip paint. Jewelry is allowed and encouraged for beauty and status. Golam men like dramatic, half face paint in slashes or stripes, fire, lightning or tribal patterns. The Olia men only wear Totem style paints for major occasions while daily animal style face painting is commonly practiced by women.
For Women: white face paint with highlights or patterns is the Torga fashion copied throughout the empire.

There are some who feel that they are just the wrong sex. Some just seek a change of status. These are the Quol and Lolak.
  • Quol: women who take male status - no face paint, hair by status+1
  • Lolak: men who take female role: face paint, hair style by status
  • Thirds: genderless, Quol-Lolak or Lolak-Quol. Also called “ghost” and are not counted acknowledged.  Intersex or hermaphodyte genitalia is seen as a sign of disfavor or the Gods or ancestors. Likewise for nonbinary. One is expected to chose male/female or Quol/Lolak at majority.  The lefthand path Diety Ebi switches between  Quol and Maiden at will. He is also the God/ Goddess of drunkeness, excess and libido and the willful change between accepted expectation of Imperial rigid forms is seen as a Quol-masculine act. The Goddess Bo-yu remains steadily in Lolak reliability.

      "As directed under the Order of Heaven, it is good that all have a place and role. The Righthand path is structure, order and harmony. The Lefthand path recognizes that some bending of the order is helpful to stability. SOME. Society must have rules and roles respected or chaos ensues. The roles and forms must be obeyed for piety, for family, and inheritance."

    The Purple Emperor Decree on Thirds.
    Imperial year 676.
It is quite acceptable in Torga and Imperial circles to be a man who loves men and boys, or a woman who loves other girls and women. Likewise bisexual and heterosexual orientation are considered "normal" - so too are Quol who like women and Lolak who like men. It is also acceptable in concept to have no desire or attraction - but primarily, one must perform the duties of marriage and production of heirs for clan and family. Imperials recognize blood heirs of the body first. Adopted children may count as blood family if they are completely orphaned and without any known family or relatives, but they count after other family.

It is permitted to "resign" Lolak or Quol. Legally it is for a period of no less than 5 years before someone may restore Quol or Lolak status. The Priests and Priestesses of Ebi and Bo-Yu may also make official status or temporary "exclusion" in formal ceremonies for those who donate generously or have connections.
  Sons inherit, as do Quol sons. Unmarried daughters, wives, brothers, and sisters may have legal status as inheritors.
Lolak, or married daughters have a dowry on marriage or in trust of marriage. They do not have a place in inheritance except gifts left in wills.
Marriage: Men or Quol may take as many wives as they wish, or have concubines. Lolak and women can only have one marriage partner. The unmarried are expected to maintain the virtue of themselves and other unmarried - by being discreet, and not getting/ or causing pregnancy. Unmarried pregnancy produces quick marriages or Bastards who are a shame for the family and may be sent out to be raised and adopted by retainers or servants families. It is also wrong for Quol son to get pregnant. Men do not do that in Imperial society and the Quol individual is expected to Resign.
Anyone may run the family, though more typically women or lolak look after family, house or clan. Men and Quol typically run business, engage in martial activity or manage more specific details.

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