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Sporeboot's Help for All

Healing Ready for All


The gnome that runs this hospital, Alan Sporeboot, really wanted to use the knowledge he had got from his studies to help people. Before making this hospital, Alan was a biological demonology scientist studying the two diseases a person got infected with when possessed by a demon: Blackening and Demon's Mind. This hospital was originally a place for Alan to try to ease the pain of mind and body for his patients, while finding out what the diseases do to the physiology of a person. As some medical professionals noticed what Alan was doing, more and more practitioners of medical magic and science came to his hospital to help any other patients Alan could not help due to his specific knowledge. The hospital is now one of the biggest centers of magical and mundane medical treatment and knowledge in all of Aruna.


During the Third Daemon War, this building was protected by the three gods that were still awake: Rank, Nowhere, and Sunae. Sporeboot and his colleges changed the environment of the hospital to be more accommodating for refugees from the war. Due to the hospital being in the country of Soraxis, where the daemonic forces attacked most, this building was the reason that the adventurers known as The Six Colors were able to have a safe house to plan and heal between battles against the greater daemons Nyakoth'oui and Durokoth. After the war, Spoerboot's Help for All was granted a celestial boon for helping all, as well as Alan Sporeboot for opening his doors to all during a time of crisis.

Major Magic

The building, itself, has one major magic: its celestial boon. The celestial boon given to the building grants all workers in the building no need to eat, drink, or sleep and all medicine checks made within the building have advantage.


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