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Effontia Estate

After the recognition of Effontia as a condition, the Nation of Tiveley formed a public hospital for patients of advanced Effontia. While the stated purpose was for the care of the patients and and to study the condition, the hospital also performed the function of attempting to contain the magical fallout of the various effects these patients would create.   Effontia Estate began as a home for higher class members of society whom were showing advanced symptoms of Effontia. Several notable members of the upper class of society made their home there in the earlier years of the institution, but as years went by without a cure, the researchers become more experimental and the higher classes began fearing the system and pulling their family out.   The lower classes were pleased that the institution had become easier to be admitted to, as a family member with effontia was a significant drain on the family's finances. However, in the mid 700s, rumors began spreading further through society, and the populace became disgruntled.   Governmental intervention and stricter oversight cleaned up the institution and enabled the system to begin finding treatments for the afflicted over the course of the next hundred years.   Once treatments began to be produced, the Effontia Estate again began to be frequented by and cater to the upper classes, leaving the neediest of the poor afflicted again reliant on themselves and their own devices.

Purpose / Function

Care for those afflicted by Effontia and the research for a cure thereof.
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