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The Hospital of Decimation in Erdenfeuer {WASC 2021}

In the days and months after the great decimation, the fairies who lost their powers succumbed to illness and difficulties they had been immune to for centuries.   With the loss of magic and any means of communication between countries. The people of earth and feared didn't know what had happened. The decision to extract all magic was kept from the other countries.   The physical effect on the fairies after the great decimation was immediately felt.   The first physical manifestation was weakness. The magic in their systems had given them strength at the detriment of muscle development. Once the magic was gone, they became physically weak.   The hospital had rehabilitation and physical therapy departments created to help the fairies gain strength. The wheelchair was invented for those too weak and who would have become bedridden. These were made of wood and iron and usually needed another to push the occupant around.   There was also an increase in illness. The fairies use their magic as a boost to their personal immune systems. Once removed, the fairies were succumbing to many colds, cases of flu, and other diseases. While typical for humans, the fairies, not prepared and not immune, laid waste to them.   The hospital began as the Trilenian embassy in Erdenfeuer. The embassy and its adjoining schools and courtyards within the castle walls were the center of magical learning in Erdenfeuer. When the fairies lost their powers, they all came to the castle for answers and a possible cure.   Unfortunately, this placed all of the most vulnerable and close quarters in the embassy castle. Sickness soon spread throughout the castle grounds. The fairies were quickly overwhelmed. The schools and buildings were filled with the sick. Those who could heal were now powerless and didn't know what to do to stop those suffering from dying.   The native people of Erdenfeuer did not rely on magic. Their old ways continued even though the faith of the five dragons was more prominent. The natives generally did not like the "invaders" with their magic and their celestial dragons.   One leader in the animalistic tribes had become a great "medicine man" and healer using the mosque, mold, and funguses found in the great forests of erred in fear. His favorite drink was dandelion coffee. His name was to be determined of the deep woods.   He sought to bring his healing to anyone who needed it. He gathers all of his medical supplies and sets up shop at the castle.   He had been exposed to so many of the illnesses that he developed natural immunity.   At first, the fairies were unwilling to let the "wild man" coming to the castle. But as desperate as they were, they allowed him to help.   Over the weeks and months that followed, the distress was quickly replaced with admiration of the wisdom of the natural medicines developed.   Collaborations over the following years established the hospital as a new center of medical research. The chemists of the embassy brought scientific rigor to the homespun recipes.   This hospital is the start of modern chemical pharmacy.


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