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Se Cur the Whoarsouse

Deep inside Bringer's Forest, beyond the dark and passed the fog, exists Se Cur the Whoarsouse. A hauntingly tall structure built of the earth and trees, Se Cur the Whoarsouse is perched upon the edge of Soñador Mountain, overlooking the crescent-shaped beach of Dreamer's Cove. Stories high and what almost seems to be miles wide, the structure known simply as the Whoarsouse housed and employed the desperate, lonely, and used souls of the Curvă. Known as "a lover's paradise", giving sightseers the chance to witness it's beautiful rainbow sunsets at least four times a night, the Whoarsouse was the perfect place for a changeling from the Mincinos hordes to bring an innocent, not yet touched. Not yet soiled. The beautiful sights and intoxicating smells, the powdery white sands and the twinkling diamond like stars, all of it was more than enough to make a youngling fall in love. To be presented such a sight by a more than handsome changeling is something almost no innocent can resist. But resist they must. For if seduced by a changeling, an innocent is left forever changed and forever in need. Vital to the survival of both the Curvă and Mincinos clans, a changeling’s seduction, usage, impregnation, and turning of an innocent must be accomplished every fifth season whilst the Mincinos are their most virile. Once an innocent gives birth to a changeling and her innards are forever sealed, she will grow into one of the Curvă. A creature whose sole responsibility is to raise their changeling in to their ability to entice, seduce, and continue on their lineage. A magical sight to see, silhouetted by the rainbow sunsets from every angle and view, Se Cur the Whoarsouse is a whoarable place in more ways than one. Though the Curvă and Mincinos clans are of an outcasted race, the magical and healing powers of the Curvă are well known throughout Bringer's Forest, and some say beyond. Travelers from all corners of Mo Shaol have visited and indulged themselves in the magic of Se Cur and her Curvă healers.
Founding Date
Brothel / Whorehouse

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