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Void shrine


  Void shrine, built from pillars of rare synthetic element Devoid, is one of the only known ways to purify oneself from the influence of both Corruption and residual traces of the Flow. The effect of the Devoid pillars is guided through the pattern of the pillars, creating a sphere from which all Flow and Corruption is pushed away, which purify everything inside the sphere.   Due to the risk the Devoid is posing to the stream of Flow keeping the Atocites afloat, these shrines are exclusively built on The Ground bellow. So their usage is not always available and must be planned for ahead of time.    

Architecture and building

To built a Void Shrine, Six pillars about 5-7 meters high are raised in a hexagonal pattern. Three sides of this hexagon are connected by either wood planks or polished stone blocks low enough to allow one to lie or sit down and rest during the purifying process.   The remaining 3 sides are then connected with wooden or stone beams to ensure that the pillars will remain straight and not divert from their original placement. If the Devoid beams would divert, the entire sphere might become unstable, and with strong enough outside influence the entire shrine could collapse. While the Devoid from the pillars could be recycled, such collapse still renders the entire shrine useless for several years.  


The six main pillars of the Void shrine must be made by Devoid. It is this element's properties that create the purifying sphere. Soul Crystal from about 10 individuals is required for one pillar. This makes Devoid shrines the most respected and rarest human structure in entire Atocitera. Due to the way Devoid is created it needs to be forged into the pillars via Flow smithing. Thanks to this it does not matter if the Devoid has been recycled or if it is pure and new.   The remaining wood beams or stone blocks are purely aesthetic but might add durability in case some monsters decide to attack. Monsters attacking the Void Shrine are a very rare occurrence, as the monsters are going through immense pain when the Flow is forced out of their body and their crystal cores.  


The purifying sphere created by the Void shrine has its limitation. It is pushing all Flow and corruption from inside out, but also keeps both of these away from getting inside. This act of repulsing takes a toll on the Devoid pillars. It is therefore important to select a place with the lowest possible chance to protect the shrine from the external influence of random Flow or Corruption streams. letting these streams pass by the Void shrine will cause it to deteriorate at rates so fast, that the shrine would not be worth the sacrifices required for its completion.   The few completed Void Shrines are therefore built at various hills and remnants of past mountainsides from which Atocites were created during the Cataclysm. Their placement is therefore often close to or even overlapping with extraction points for Raider.  

How it is used and its dangers

The usage and the purifying process are easy and often passive. All one needs to do is to be inside the shrine, and the purifying sphere will slowly push all residual Flow and Corruption out of the individual's body, spirit, and soul. This process presents itself as a tingling sensation across the entire body. When the process nears its end and all the Flow and Corruption leaves the body, the ignorable tingling changes into sharp pain and muscle exhaustion.   While many loves Void shrines for their ability to purify them of Corruption, and for the easy cleansing of residual Flow, the sudden absence of the residual Flow might cause gaps and holes in personality. Causing small yet abrupt changes in behavior. These holes might get filled naturally, but more often than not they are filled with new residual Flow. Some extremists then sometimes seek to use the Void shrine as a shortcut to change themselves.


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Sounds really interesting - I might suggest adding links/blocks to Flow and Corruption so we can understand the way this fits into those better :D   Great stuff :D

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