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Three Streams House

When three streams of widely different natures join to form one river, the confluence is said to be magical. Not wave your wand, or chant some words magical, but heal the body, heal the spirit, heal the mind magical.    For each stream flows from a very different source in the surrounding mountains, and brings with it the sacred blessings of their origins. It is nature magic, or perhaps gods-infused power, the pundits differ in their arrogant conclusions. Whatever the reason, the Three Streams House is a place well-known for its ability to heal.

Purpose / Function

Three Streams House is a sanctuary for healing.  None are turned away from its rooms or the waters flowing nearby.  Nor is access to the waters prohibited or prevented outside of the boundaries of the House. Fear or embarrassment or ignorance may cause folks to eschew the care of the House, but need not prevent access to the waters.


A series of interconnected buildings forms a complex of structures collectively known as the House. Each building is both unique and designed in such a way as to be in harmony with its fellows.  They form a cluster of four, one for each of the healing waters with the fourth encompassing the newly created river as the waters combine.   Body house is made of stone in its lower courses, planks of cedar forming the walls above. Windows are set in both eastern and western walls, allowing sunlight in during those hours of the day. Midday is dimmer. This is the easternmost house in the House. It is sturdy, well-constructed and durable, like the bodies it seeks to mend.   The western building is Mind House. Here windows open north and south, the wall of the structure made of a light colored wood. Vines grow up the sides, some consider they represent both a shield and the tangled agitation that must be teased free within its walls.   Spirit house is central and a bit north of Mind and Body houses, isolated, if you will. Here the sick are guided to meditate, pray, and gain access to their Spirit natures. The path for each is different, but communion with the divine is the universal goal.   Unity house is south of the other three, at the point of confluence. It is hoped that those who have availed themselves of the healing provided here will choose to bathe or drink of the combined waters, to unify the three paths of their natures.


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