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House of Connection

The House of Connection is a healing center created by the Angelic Core during the War of the Gods, the official house is in Heaven, but a copy is in Eden, and numerous buildings bearing the same name can be found across the Angelic lands. They are owned by the Angelic Core, but certain houses offer their services to only Seraphim, or Cherubim, depending on allegiance.

Purpose / Function

When a Angel suffers a mortal wound from the power of a Deamon or their weapon, they are not killed, instead their connection to the power of The Father is severed, they turn to dust within hours. It is unknown which wound the cause of this, but most speculate that the destruction of an Angels heart is destruction of the link between it's being, and the Fathers power.   This was first encountered in large numbers during the Battle of Eden, and with it the highest Angels created a seal, commonly known as the seal of repentance, the Seal reconnects the Angel to the Father, however it's rate of success is only sixty-four percent, and the Seal must be cast with delicate care.   However in the more makeshift version of the House, outside of Heaven, they often create less powerful, but easier seals, as to keep Angels alive long enough for transport the main house.


The main building in Heaven is a large domed building, which is supported by a tall center spire, although it's mostly for decoration, as the dome can stand on it's own. The base is cubic, the inside in evenly divided in one-hundred and forty four thousand rooms, each large enough to hold a seal of repentance. It's made entirely of stone.   The copy in Eden is smaller and only holds a hundred thousand seals at a time. House set up on battle fields, and explement centers are often makeshift and hold only twenty seals at a time, though these are numerous as well, compensating for their low capacity. These makeshift ones are often just domes, with no center spire, and no walls separating seals. Often made on the spot, they are quickly torn down, after their use expires.   However during the battles for the L-5 region, a standard House was created, and many, permanent houses popped up during the war, and these were replicated across the Angelic lands. They are a full dome, but instead of the rooms stopping at the moment the dome started a increased curve, seal rooms filled the entire building, making some rooms far more cramped, however walls were added, which was a luxury. These walls were removed later however, and floors simply were added as the dome got higher.
Founding Date
Mostly constructed during the War of the Gods
Alternative Names
The place of Healing
Room, Medical, Surgery Theatre
Owning Organization

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