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Gwanwyn's shelter

Purpose / Function

The building was originally a hut made by Gwanwyn to collect spring herbs growing on the nearby heaths and meadows. When crying bluebells and their potential were uncovered, it started to serve its current cause — a place for the weary to heal their deepest wounds. Here, the first spring tattoos were painted; by the faint, flickering lights of the campfire.

Within a few years, the shelter was rebuilt with the help of the local communities. It was thought a place of great importance and respect. Gwanwyn did a wonderful job healing the souls and the tale of the bluebells' special trait spread far and wide. Their secret — yet another flask on a dusty shelf. After their slow, but steady decrease in numbers, the visits too became less frequent. When one morning, the last patch of flowers was gone with the fragrant eastern wind, many villagers took that for an ominous sign. The need for the spring tattoo almost vanished. Now, the shelter is dedicated mostly to healing sicknesses of the body.


Initial state

Originally the hut was a simple shelter with a wooden conical structure of small, fallen pines and moss. After the discovery of crying bluebells, the walls were made much thicker and the ground received better insulation.


After the first years the shelter was completely rebuilt to its current form. The walls were erected from the river boulders connected with an ash mortar. During this phase the shelter was adjusted to fit two beds in the main room, a storage space and a fireplace in the corner. Finally, the roof was thatched thick with reed and forest glass lead patched windows installed in every wall.


The building is rectangular, roughly 5m wide and 6m long. The outside walls are made of river rocks and spruce logs. The stone part is about 1m high and the stones range from roughly the size of an adult's head to the double size of a human fist. Up to 4m the spruce logs are stacked, with swallow tail joints in the corners. From then on starts a steeply angled thatched roof. The inside walls are made of smaller, span wide logs.

Cover image: Cymrian Spring by PxHere (edited by Angantyr)


Author's Notes

Oh, there's a looot to do here... The place was visited once by Hithean and at Scathach. I'm pretty sure it's situated either in Galawa or near Cymru/Galawa border. Either way, I will get back to it after Summer Camp is over. :)

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Aug 6, 2021 11:44 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This is a nice start. I like the hints of something ominous with the flowers disappearing, and the fact the building's purpose changed over time.

Aug 7, 2021 08:25 by Angantyr

Thank you! <3 I still don't know the whole story, that's for sure, nor whether Hithean and Scathach (my main characters) visited the place when it was just built or several tens/hundreds of years ago. I would think the former, but who knows.

Playing around with words and worlds
Aug 10, 2021 11:41 by AS Lindsey (Pan)

Nice! I love that this just started out as a basic shelter for Gwanwyn before the discovery of these crying bluebells - I'd like to know more about them.

Aug 10, 2021 14:33 by Angantyr

Glad you like it!   There is a connection to the main character, so at some point I'll drop in some additional information, especially on the bluebells and how theycan be foraged for the spring tattoo.

Playing around with words and worlds