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The Temple of Yshiran

To enter the Temple of The Healer as a worshiper one must first pass through the first tier of the gardens for which the city is named. The top level is mostly medicinal plants the temple grows for healing. This isn't to say the gardens aren't beautiful, they are exquisitely kept and organized in the most pleasant ways. A priest's duties include a rotating schedule of tending this level of the garden, the Rulin are not trusted to tend the plants used for medicine.
The "front" of the temple faces the Great Balcony, the oldest structure in the city. Due to it's religious importance many pilgrims are drawn to it and to the temple. Religious history states Yshiran founded his temple here out of shame for his failure to protect Martyr-Queen Anise, on the commitment that a healer would never again fail to be present when needed. This commitment is somewhat looser in modern times. The Temple does not charge for healing but offerings are suggested and trained Gifted healers who do leave and return to their home cities are not required to provide services for free. In addition to training Gifted healers the temple also takes a certain number of apprentices each year from the ranks of the lower castes to train as assistants to those with the Gift. They are taught as much medicine and treatments as the Priestess Mother deems them capable of using without the Gift of Yshiran.

Purpose / Function

Yshiran is the god of kindness and healing, his temple in High Garden is devoted to these ideals. This ever grander building houses, not only the priests and priestesses of Yshiran but also all Gifted healer trainees, and includes a wing for those who's injury or illness is severe enough to need long term treatment.


The Great Hospital is forever under construction. Publicly this is said to be so they can house more healers and more who need healing but the word about town is that it is the Matriarch's rough attempt to create something of Empire wide acclaim. This is seen as a somewhat tragic flaw of hers as there is much of note about High Garden and she needn't try so hard.
The most accessible entrance to the temple leads into the hospital ward, preventing the sick and injured from having to go through the rest of the temple. The official entrance is through the Gardens.
Alternative Names
The Great Hospital
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location

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