Daj'an Lodge

The shamans of the Daj'an are some of the greatest healers of the city and potentially of the planes. Their lodges are famous for being able to help heal almost any wound that many others would fail or just wouldn't try to deal with. The Lodges are open to all with an open heart. They are found across the city and Windswept plains, each of the tribes have their own and the heritage of each is unique to the shamanistic circles that form it. The Daj'an skills are all learnt in song and voice and nothing is written down by any true Daj'an shaman, and those that have tried to steal their gifts are hunted and punished with removal of eyes, tongues and hands so they cannot pass on anything they learnt. Surprisily there are few of these heretics and all so far have been hunted, There are stories of those that escape though the mists to other worlds but the Daj'an claim this is a falsehood.   While the lodges in the city are held within buildings by each clan, they are created in the large central space and an leather tent that came from the plains is erected within the space Each of these tents have inscribed many runes of ancient lineage, most real meanings have been lost in time, but they are known to the shamans to help focus the flow of healing energy to those within the tents, the shamans who then guide them to the person who came for healing.   Each healing takes 5 circle members to guide the weave into the patient within the centre of the ritual. The Weave is guided into the centre and around the person, knitting broken bones, and skin healing damaged limbs and organs. To allow the person to feel as good as new and to carry on their live.   The Lodges don’t require payment for their healing in gold or gems, but in labour and help. If you healed by a lodge you owe them a debt of work or information, which they will call on as required by them, and you can’t refuse them. The Stories have it if you do they take back the healing and leave you in the state you were brought to them in. No one is expected to do more than they capable of, they won’t ask a street urchin to help build their home, but to take information across town to their allies in another tribe.


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9 Jul, 2021 23:45

Nice concept for healing buildings. Is there any particular reason as to why nothing is written down?   As to layout I think it can be improved a bit since some sentences are quite long and hard to read. I would suggest breaking them up to make it easier on the eyes :)

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