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Pearly Gates

The Pearly Gates is a settlement in the western hemisphere of Uro, built within the remains of a Hospital Complex. Access to the concord is barred with reinforced steel fencing, and the Ambulence Depot is heavily guarded. All exterior windows are either boarded or act as their own guard points - but the interior is... doing it's best at survival.   While they hold a monopoly on most medicine within the wastes, they are also notibly generous. They will cure the wounded for charged power cells - no questions asked, and those cells are mostly used to keep the building operational.   The building hosts several reactors, but they are known to be failing. Efficiency is down, and the building's management is struggling to keep the lights - and life support - running.   There has been an increase in raids in the past few months, with the most recent breaching the ICU building - however to date they have been successful in repelling those who believe their monopoly would be more palatable.

Purpose / Function

The intended purpose of this building was to, in fact, be a hospital. During the fall of civilization, the Doctors who made to resist being taken to Ultimagrove formed a union against the military - with the general public acting in their defense (Leading to the Essal Massacre of 3156).   As Government forced forced the doctors from more Northernly cities and All-Out war engulfed Southernhaunt, retreating forced went on to found Pearly Gates in the more heavily defendable town of Petyrsburg. Since then, the remnants of the Government Military have been forced to full back by pressure in Ashshore and other border villages - as well as to defend their border.


The building has been altered to include defensable positions, high walls, and strong metal gates. Exterior windows have been boarded up as to prevent the interior from being too heavily fired upon - but interior windows remain and act as the only entryway for natural light to the building itself.   The sign over the entryway has also been re-assembled, now reading "PEARLY GATES" using the letters from Earl Petyr's General Hospital and University. The "Hospital" section has been moved to be displayed across the broad side of the building in the hopes that more people will notice the deliberate act. The remaining letters were used for scrap in the early days.
Alternative Names
Earl Petyr's General Hospital and University
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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