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Vaneecha Abbey

Dedicated to both Ahooai, the lord of duty, and Chi, protector of children and vulnerable (deities associated with Tekel, the Vaneecha Abbey was originally built in 410 as a haven for monks and nuns of the two gods to live and work. They became famous for their research in alchemy, along with herbology. Any patient could be brought to the Abbey for treatment, with supplies and money coming from the donations of the people around them.   During the Third Great War, the Abbey was heavily used as a haven for the wounded due to their close proximity to the Eoion Empire and Yzel Kingdom border. Many Yzelian wounded were brought to the religious order and cared for. Due to the century long work with herbs, the people living there were very skilled in various treatments and the Abbey became famous for their work during this time. It was due to this work that the Yzelian government began giving the Abbey money as well in order to help it continue its work. However, this was disputed among the monks and nuns and eventually done away with as they did not want the state to potentially dictate how the Abbey was run.   After the Sicru Battles, Vaneecha Abbey became one of the only medical establishments to allow the Vloibare people to seek treatment and some of them converted to Tekel, remaining after their treatment was complete, leading to Vaneecha Abbey becoming one of the most diverse in Yzel. They brought with them their own traditional remedies, which were incorporated into the vast medical knowledge already collected by the Abbey.   Alchemy was the most prominent form of medicine development, although Essence magic was also used, particularly earth and light as these were found to most assist in the growth of plants.   Two of the most famous nuns, Jasa Brooker and Zivini Kowane, in the mid-1040s, developed a treatment that was found to lessen the symptoms of celestial withdrawal. This, and the end of the Fourth Great War, made the Abbey extremely famous as a rehabilitation center for addicts from Yzel, Eoion, and the nomadic tribes. Once the rehabilitation aspect was established, cael-esh became highly important in treatment as they were familiar with the development of celestial, along with its spread.   Members of Seraph Rae and Seraphim have, at various points, been allies, benefactors, or enemies of the Abbey depending on the needs of the organizations at the time. At present, only Seraphim is an ally and that is loose at best. Seraph Rae continues to spread the use of celestial and would much rather see any sort of treatment center fall so that those addicted will remain so and continue to buy illegal narcotics from the cartel.   The current head of the Abbey is a council of elders, evenly split between spiritual leaders and healers. This is meant to keep the Abbey focused on its religious mission while also making the healing that they have become famous for a top priority.
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