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Sicru Battles

The war that caused the split between the Daji and the military was against an invading force from the east. The dispute grew from nomadic people attacking the trading ships of Yzel along that route.

The Conflict


Trade along the Sicru had resulted in several merchant towns and imports from southern islands. Skirmishes had broken out over several decades until negotiations for peace between the nomads and Yzel broke down due to greed and stubbornness on both sides. Eoion had no interest in the raiders and did nothing to encourage or stop them.


The raiders struck first and captured large portions of the southern Sicru before Yzel, led by Gehn Sei, fought to reclaim the land. When Sei realized they were losing, he sought the help of the Kumeza Tran, whose only duty before had been as guards along the northern border. Fierce fighting and negotiations ensued, resulting in the split between the Kumeza Tran and the main force.


Yzel ended up winning the conflict due to Sei’s strategies and the rift was finalized. The king of Yzel at the time Petrae Oida was originally going to put Ezray Lohdan on trial for treason. However, public outcry from those who had been defended in the north threatened rebellion should the Kumeza Tran be attacked. Instead, a non-aggression pact was signed and leadership of the newly formed Daji was handed to the Lohdan family. Resentment still exists between the crown, the main military of Yzel, and the Daji from this conflict.


The Daji and main military force of Yzel remain split and do not engage with one another unless necessary.
Conflict Type
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Conflict Result
Yzel takes control of much of the Sicru River

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