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The Goodwill Mansion

The headoffice of the Order of Spring is a large mansion type house in the inner walls of Dagenmaw, the capital of the republic a free trade. It serves both as their base of operations and planning, as well as one of their most well established training grounds for upcoming midwives and clerics of Kiey - The Springbringer. While the order specializes in birthing aid, there is still a requirement for every midwive to have a basic medical training. Few appretices end up specializing in medicine for children and babies or even aftercare and surgery for mothers, and they offer their in other situations as well.   As training facility, this large mansion dedicated to Kiye offers free treatment of sickness, injury and other ailement though their students. This ensures that the poor parts of society can find treatment for as cheaply as possible. In order to finance this, the order offers private consultations at home and advanced treatments for the noble folks between the walls. Recently a separate little struction has been comissioned in the gardens, so that the official coordination and management of the order can leave the Goodwillhouse and offer more space to the sick and students. As of now the goodwill mansion can house up to 50 pregnant or sick people but they do give priority to mothers-in-the-making by saving at least 20 rooms for the purpose of childbirth.   As the small mansion is generally very busy, the order frequently has to turn away people due to the lack of space and material. There is a constant coming and going of nurses/midwive students and patients, even at night. There is always few people waiting for treatment either at the first wall, or in the gardens right in front of the mansion.

Purpose / Function

Originally built as a noble residence, this house fell into the hands of the order of spring after the original builders were removed from the city for illegal worship of Nestoriel - The Blight Hunger.
Alternative Names
Headquaters of Spring
College / Academy
Parent Location


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