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Curselifter Spa

Curse Curing

Written by Endrise

Curses are nasty, but not untreatable. Take a bath or sweat it out, and with enough effort even the worst things rub off...   ...Unless you managed to piss off a Lich who happens to have a hand-made curse for you. Then I'm afraid that might be out of my reach.
— Mother Ai

At the southern edge of Luxaltar sits a small building owned by a Mother Ai, known as the Curselifter Spa. Here, adventurers can lift themselves from any curse, from the pranks to the life-threatening ones. Or, should you not be cursed, relax after a long journey to the capital.

The Cure-All For All Curses

Home to the Cursed & Exhausted

When entering the spa, one is welcomed by the elderly voice of Mother Ai, who works as the head of the place. Although her focus is on helping those who are cursed, she also offers regular spas and saunas as well. If she didn't, her business would struggle a bit.

Once inside, one can make their way to the changing rooms to grab a towel. Workers will help the afflicted to the proper rooms, while regular customers can grab a bath or a sauna.

Anyone with a keen eye for magic will notice the abundance of arcane objects around the place. From runes carved into the doorframes to crystals and ornaments in the saunas. All this helps with the treatment of curses, both to get rid of them and to keep them in the building.

In the same vein, the spa also provides boons and recovery for both before and after adventuring. One can even buy some charms for on the way, protecting them from further curses.


Curselifter Spa is home to many treatments to cure curses and grant boons to its visitors. Amongst them, here are a few of the services provided:


Saunas treat curses by sweating them out. By adding herbs to the coals producing the heat, the steam pulls out any ill effects inside one's body. Many do state that for heavier curses, the sensation can be overwhelming.

Hot Tubs

In a similar fashion to the saunas, tubs also help remove curses from the body. By pouring potion extracts in the water, it drains the curse right into it. One can tell if it works when the water takes on a different colour.


Handy for curses that limit one's potential, massages focus on unsealing any physical or mental blocks. By stroking or hitting the right points, it loosens any limiters a curse might have on the body and mind.

Good service, great employees. My neck almost snapped there thanks to the Aurochian but now I can cast fire bolt again.
— Satisfied client


One can also use meditation in an isolated room to relax their mind and purify it in the progress. Ideal for the more mentally straining curses, providing a moment of peace to fight it off.

Alternative Names
Cat Spa
Hospitality, Spa
Parent Location
Characters in Location

Purifying the Room

Curses are vile things, with many lingering in the rooms even after removal. Before they get used again, purification is mandatory, which is done through several means.

The most common form is bottling it, extracting the curse and sealing it away in a flask. From there, it gets brought to proper professionals to dispatch of, or even researched in some cases.

Other methods involve things like crystals, runes and even incense. As curses take on many forms, there is need of many methods to ensure a proper removal.

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Sage nnie
Annie Stein
3 Jul, 2021 15:42

What an interesting way of handling a curse! It reminds me a lot of finnish saunas, and how it would be seen as the poor mans pharmacy back in the day.

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Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore! | Worldember
3 Jul, 2021 23:45

"sweating out the curse" just brilliant xp Really nice concept and I also like how to have to clean the murky water and purify everything afterwards. This really gives me some Japanese Onsen and hot sand treatment vibes :)

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Deity ka_jan
Jan Kaltenecker
8 Jul, 2021 20:33

Really like the naturalistic thought of self-healing through sweat :D Especially the part about the spa needing cleansing was really enjoyable. Great work!

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