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Sorcerer Vein Clinic

Helping The Arcane-Blooded

Written by Endrise

In Luxaltar, due to the abundance of sorcerers and mages that come here, there is also a place to help those that need it. Sorcerer Vein Clinic helps those with magic in their blood, ranging from Demon to Dragon heritage. To treat, train and improve one's abilities hidden within them.

With several decades of experience and experts from across the continent, it has a good reputation. And for those that can afford it, it is the ideal place for any beginning sorcerer.

The Home for the Arcane-Blooded

A place for Magic blood

Built on the outskirts of Luxaltar, the clinic gives home to people of all races and origins, not discriminating to anyone. As long you can pay, you can get treated.

The building has several wings, each designed with specific bloodlines in mind. Due to the chaos that bloodlines can cause, this is why they do it. One area might be fireproof while the other prevents teleportation. Everything to ensure safety until one gets the hang of their abilities.

Places to stay

Most will have a place here to rest during their visit, whether it be a hospital bed or a room to call their own. Each patient gets a room, sometimes shared with other people if the condition gets deemed safe enough. More agressive bloodlines have more seclusive rooms for themselves.

Each one has a bed, a desk, a chair and a closet, with additional features to either help a bloodline or upon the patient's request. Some can be denied by the personnel, as they might threaten the safety of the patient itself or other people in the clinic.

Places to heal

The main importance for the clinic is to help people heal, recover and deal with their abilities. Most will end up here to get a prescription for their bloodline and the effects of it, or treat any side-effects it might cause.

Dealing with the issues can range from bandages and magic items to restraints. While one only has to see a doctor the other will have to stay in solidary conferment to calm down. Extreme cases might even need surgery, fixing internal damage caused by hostile blood.

Places to grow

I'm a therapist, not a combat veteran.
— Sorcerer Vein Clinic Therapist

Lastly, the clinic also provides aid to help improve one's control over their magic abilities. With trainers skilled in various bloodlines, they help people get used to their newfound powers.

It is not combat-oriented though, instead providing control and understanding rather than using it to fight. People learn methods to manage their powers, find ways to suppress the bad parts or even gain control when they trigger.

By the end of a treatment, a patient should be able to live their life without worries.


The main part of the clinic is treating Sorcerer bloodlines, categorised under regular and extreme cases. The procedure stays around the same for both, but the measurements taken will change.

Regular Cases

Most cases with mild signs will end staying for up to a month. Those from the city visit on a daily basis, while outsiders might have a room they share with others.

During the routine, they get inspections and tests to check for anything the bloodline might cause: behaviour, physical mutations, reactions to specific elements, etc.

Most will have a diagnosis around halfway into their treatment, meaning they can then begin proper care. Medicine gets provided, a trainer is assigned or the proper magic item given to help the patient.

By the end, the patient should be able to manage their sorcerer bloodline better than before. Should they need it, they can come back for extra training or treatments.

Extreme Cases

More extreme cases come in as an emergency, often after side-effects start showing. Patients will have their abilities suppressed first before any treatment begins, usually by force.

After recovery a patient will have elements of their heritage suppressed during treatment. Magic items are common, but sometimes magic seals also get used if too severe.

From there, the patient will have a prolonged stay at the clinic, sometimes for years. Through proper training, medication and advice, they learn how to handle their sorcerer bloodline. Should the heritage be too hostile to live with, a patient might need drastic measure or permanent seals suppressing it.

Afterwards, most should be capable of living without worry of their powers going haywire. However, some will need continuous treatment even years after leaving to ensure nothing goes wrong.

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