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The Witch Hut of Calglennar

The Witch Hut of Calglennar is a mythological building spoken of often in the legends of the land. Said to appear before great heroes at the time of greatest need, the witch that resides in the hut is Thebhna, mother of the Lament and goddess of health.   Thebhna resides in the hut and appears at critical junctions to heal sick and wounded heroes. Her methods are a mixture of mundane and mysterious and the hut seems to adapt to the needs of the patient. The healing potions brewed here are thought to be the most potent ever made, derived from the Ogran-mead (the mead of the gods).


Over the centuries, the hut has changed its appearance often. In many of the early stories, it was thought to resemble a traditional witch's hut made of mud bricks and thatch. In more recent tales, it appears as a winding tower with multiple stories and supports holding it in the air. The one constant is the door of the hut - painted a bright blue, the color of the summer sky, with a copper thorn set into the wood, the symbol of Thebhna.   Outside the building is a garden of herbs and medicinal plants, which the goddess uses in her healing practices. Inside, there are many cauldrons and alchemical kits, bandages and medical supplies, and strange apparati of an unknown nature.


The first appearance of the Witch Hut relates to the Seige of Calglennar. It's said that a mighty hero fought for 7 days and 7 nights to protect the main gate of the city until the main army could return from a false report given to them. The hero, Fa'Rennada, was gravely wounded on the 4th day of battle and, that night, the hut appeared just inside the gate. He entered and was healed by the goddess Thebhna.


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