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Raven's Gift

There is a place for those who seek healing from daily injuries or battles. At first, outsiders might be surprised by the uncommon location of Raven's Gift, since it is a graveyard with four buildings on the center. Each building serves a purpose on the ecosystem of the Raven's Gift. One is used for those who wish to have their bodies burned once they leave this world.  There is another building which is a greenhouse for growing medicinal herbs used for potion brewing and other medical procedures.  Also, a building for the injuried who undertook any kind of procedure who must rest and need to be observed. Lastly, there is the main and biggest building on the graveyard, which is used as both the medical alley as well as temple for the Raven Queen.   Initially, the place started as a local temple for the Raven Queen, which had only the main building. The nearby village, soon requested aid from them, on healing the farmers who had injured them during work.  The connection between the village and the temple grew over the course of time. The village would request aid on helping anyone in need of medical care and pay them using gold when they had or with grains and live stock. Eventually, the village needed help not only with the living but also with the dead. Since the temple was dedicated for the Raven Queen, that ordeal was taken by the temple. On the beginning, they started burying the corpse of the dead behind the temple.   As the time passed, the village thrived and the temple floursihed with them. The temple no longer was just a temple, was a place to look for medical aid and consolation for the ones that passed way.  Eventually, the village recognized the place for what it was, a gift from the Raven Queen, thus naming the graveyard Raven's Gift.

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