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Numpeza Kegmi

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The "Spa of Life" is a wellness oasis constructed around a mineral spring in the Zuzlip Mountains.

Purpose / Function

Bottled Water

The spa's most famous product is the water from the spring which is exported all over Ranul. The contained minerals and other trace elements make it a popular choice among health-conscious people, especially the wealthier ones who are willing to pay for the name on the bottle.

Therapeutic Bathing

Besides drinking it directly, guests can also enjoy bathing in bassins filled with the spring's water. These baths are are known to ease joint pains and problematic skin conditions, as well as stimulate the circulation and metabolism in general. Most of all, they are an opportunity to relax in a soothing environment, listening to soft music and inhaling the scent of essential oils while the staff provide healthy snacks and refreshments. For those who need it, trained physiotherapists offer guidance for exercising in the water.


Compared to Mustik Hamesi, the levels of natural radiation are significantly higher in the Zuzlip mountains, but still considerably lower than the dangerous levels reached on Mustik Kogli. Careful exposure to Larevok's emissions is known to trigger a body's self-healing mechanisms, which is why several rooms with glass ceilings allow the guests to bask in the colorful light. Said ceilings are engineered to control the amount of potentially harmful wavelengths inside the room, ensuring that the effects remain beneficial.


During the First Civilization

The spa was built on the site of a similar complex which had been withered down by radiation, rain and vegetation creeping over it. Rilsu archaeologists dated those ruins back to about 513 NZR. Bones found in the ruins show that this first building still housed guests when the Final War reached its devastating conclusion.   It is not known why exaxtly those people were there. They could have been trying to escape the attacks that focused on the dense population centers. They could have been there to heal from the consequences of those attacks. Possibly both. Whatever records the administration had kept back then was rendered illegible by the same forces of nature that destroyed the building.

During the Era of Recovery

Around 130 VZR, when the data on the Guardian of Identity was decoded, the old Nuorian legend of the Spring of Life inspired a family of entrepreneurs to recreate the ancient wellness retreat.   Over the course of more than a decade, everything of archaeological value was carefully packed up and transported to various museums and research institutes. Construction of the Numpeza Kegmi began in 145 VZR and took roughly one and half years.


Visitors began flocking to the spa soon after its grand opening. The marketing greatly contributed to this by stressing the proximity to what may have been the original Spring of Life from the legend.   In modern times it is still a highly popular destination for both relaxing vacations and serious health treatments. Though both the chemical composition of the spring's water and the natural radiation in this place can easily be reproduced elsewhere, a stay at the "real" Numpeza Kegmi is still associated with prestige and a touch of mystery.
Founding Date
215 - 217 NZR
Hospitality, Spa
Parent Location

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