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Tsisi Shrine

The Tsisi Shrine is located in the outskirts of Ornlat in Chereladi. It is the center of healing and medical research in Northern Chereladi and the hub of medical training for priests of the Church of the Scales.

Purpose / Function

Originally built as a monastery and repurposed to create a more welcoming front for medical treatment, as well as a secondary center for education and medical research.


The original monastery was two stone buildings which overlooked the southern cliffs of Ornlat. It was reached by a long, winding road which the monks kept carefully tended for visiting dignitaries and later patients in need of medical help. As the hospital grew, additional outlying buildings were constructed to house the sick, mentally ill, or those otherwise in need of extended care. This resulted in three long medical wings lower on the hillside and two additional dormitories for medical students and traveling clerics.


Founded in 520 AW by St. Roberi Chikun, the Tsisi Monastery was dedicated to bringing balance between Biblasti's birth and Jelpasti's death. His monks devoted themselves to midwifery and animal husbandry, seeking the best practices for extending the life and easing the death of all living things. As word spread throughout Cherladi about the healing to be found under the Tsisi's caring hands, more and more people brought their physically and mentally ill relatives as well as their animals to the monastery outside of Cherladi's capital of Ornlat. By 550, St. Roberi had funded the construction of several more facilities on the grounds for the care and shelter of patients and animals, as well as two more dormitories as more people came seeking to learn from the monks.   In 585 AW, King Geruff Hadleigh II endowed the monastery with an additional twenty acres outside their current grounds and sponsored an academy building within Ornlat proper to express his appreciation for the monks' assistance in the healthy birth of his second son, Prince Geoffrey Hadleigh-Morgan. Since then, the shrine itself has become the center for healing and worship and the academy has housed the educational facilities.
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