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Ring Of Light

giant ring built around Scabith, acts as an advanced medical facility and in in more recent years a military barracks.

Purpose / Function

The original purpose of the ring was to serve as a device that would periodically preform a mental purge on every organism on the entire planet, however after the realization that such a device would require vast amounts of psionic energy to preform a mental purge on such scale and the fact that such a device would require 10x the amount of people on the planet for such a task to be preformed it was turned into a medical facility using the latest physical and psionic healing treatments available.


a massive ring stretching the entire equator of the planet. about 30 miles in with and .5 miles in hight. there are 4 massive pillars equaldistant from each other.


Since the rings construction it has been outfitted with several military barracks due to the massive security breach it presents to the planet.


it is a massive ring built around the planet Scabith, there are four massive pillars holding the structure up and acting as elevators for the ring.


After the discovery of Xilium it became clear that a specialized building would need to be made if the resource is to be exploited safely, although during the rings construction the ban on xilium mining was passed the infrastructure to build the archeology was still in place so the keapers decided to turn it into the galaxies most effective medical facility to combat a newly discovered parasite, ulligon, the Assembly saw this as a good opportunity to learn more about the nature of Psionics so they agreed to continue building the ring, the bebiki wanted to use the ring to show how good there titansteel was so they also agreed to help with the project, since then the ring has became the most advanced hospital in the modern universe, using a combination of psionic and physicals medical practices to heal there patients.
Founding Date
25010 CY
Megastructure, Orbital scale
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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