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The Pop Up Hospital

The building, if you could even call it that, was fragile and looked as though a sharp gust of wind had blown it over. The war had taken a great toll on it's people, the South were suffering and most hospitals had been destroyed in the fallout of war. As an act of solidarity, the East had sent over as many healers as they could afford to sacrifice in order to help the injured and comfort the dying.   Bandages and slings were lying around, there were so many people that needed treating, the committee of healers couldn't afford to tidy, all of their time was devoted to healing the injured. Blood splatters would over the tables, staining them crimson red, not exactly a comforting sight to the already traumatized group. One section was dedicated to psychological care, mainly for those that had experience the horrors the war, those who were too young and too kind to witness the horrors that they had been forced to experience.   The most devastating however, was the section full of children, playing in the dirt, oblivious to the fact that their parents would not be returning, that they lay in shallow mass graves out deep in the heart of the marshlands.   The building was more a gazebo, a tent, cold and uninviting, which didn't assist those suffering with Tuberculosis or collapsed lungs, but it was the best the East could do, given the circumstances, and the residents, although many were hurt, felt fortunate, that they had allies who were willing to help. This is what they had over the North, they had solidarity, friendships and bonds that could be utilized. The Southerns took great comfort in this idea, knowing that this is what would win them the war.

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