Temple of Telkar

And so we seek to honor Telkar, who pulled from the divine a cure at greatest cost. In their honor, we shall defend and provide for those in need among all beings, here in this temple.
Standing large on the outskirts of Xell, a pale gold temple made of stone overlooks the seaside. Each day, people wander in and out freely seeking food, shelter, healing, or simple camaraderie.

Purpose / Function

Originally a temple for an ancient god of debauchery and transitional states, the temple now stands as the primary location for the Church of Telkar . As such, the building is always open to the public, the only areas closed off are the torture-chambers turned bedrooms for the members who decide to serve in the temple and are not on duty. At the Temple of Telkar, a kitchen runs continually, ready to provide food for anyone who comes by and requests it. In addition to food, a healer is always awake and ready to care for those who have fallen ill, in line with the acts of Telkar , who with their magic traded their existence for the annihilation of the plague of fliir before it killed the masses.


Given the nature of a temple to debauchery, many changes have been made over time to make the building more suitable to its current cause. Dungeons have been stripped and ripped apart, replaced with cozy bedrooms and a large infirmary.  As well, the decorations throughout the building have been modified to fit a more open, airy, and clean style.


Eight columns line the opening to the temple in two rows of four, each one with fruits and vegetables surrounding it each morning for people to come to take on an honor system, as it is considered encouraged to eat communally unless sick or called away.   As well, the farming organization has placed both flower and edible plant beds surrounding the temple.
Temple / Religious complex


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