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Lorian Cathederal of the Silver Dawn

Purpose / Function

The Cathedral of the Silver Dawn is, as the name suggests, the main place of worship for followers of the Silver Dawn in Loria. Loria's population, being a part of the Theussaun Protectorate, is composed predominantly of worshippers of Yamma, and so the cathedral has the attendance and support to maintain its grandeur. Most of the time, the cathedral is simply a temple for followers of Yamma to come and give thanks and prayer. Weddings and other non-funeral rites take place here, and the clergy is kept busy but not overworked.   During the Corpse Plague of 898 AT, however, the Cathedral was the main site in which the sick were quarantined, treated, and (in a grimly large amount of cases) pronounced dead. The beautiful stained glass windows were darkened, and the normally holy and bright cathedral was cast into a fatal shadow; however, the clergy members of the Cathedral did excellent work, and thanks to the early warning of the Five of Swords, were able to keep the Corpse Plague's death toll in the hundreds instead of the thousands.


The cathedral is a massive structure of stone and marble, constructed in a less-imposing version of the gothic style. With massive stained glass windows allowing in light at all times of the day, the cathedral is intended to be a bright, welcoming place of worship and joy.


The Cathedral of the Silver Dawn was constructed when Loria was first founded centuries ago, as is the case with all newly settled Theussaun Protectorate towns. As the village grew to a town and then to a city, the Cathedral grew with it. Nowadays, it is an impressive structure that sits perfectly northward on the Loria Temple Square, its impressive stone spires reaching nearly a hundred feet into the air, the entire building seeming to radiate holy energy. And by and large, the Cathedral has known peace and not had its ability to perform rites and the like hindered for most of its history.   The only time that ability has been broken was during the Corpse Plague that struck Loria in the later months of 898 AT. It ravaged the city for several weeks, and the Cathedral was the main place that the sick were tended to. But the Corpse Plague passed due to a successful quarantine, and the Cathedral has since return to its original function; however, it will now forever be remembered and noted as a place with the capabilities to heal an exorbatant amount of people.
Cathedral / Great temple


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