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The Pale Hospitium

Purpose / Function

The Pale Hospitium is the most advanced site for medical treatment on Thea. Its suites of scientific, technological and thaumalogical texts, aparatuses, and experts shines brightly in the face of any lesser facility.


The original hospitium consisted of the annex and the three primary wings adjacent to it. Following the explosive growth of Primus, and the Inquisition alongside it, it became necessary to construct two large, specialized laboratories, one focusing on the arcane arts relevant to medicine, and another to the non-thaumic sciences, such as chemistry and botany.   Over the course of the next fifty years, several smaller sub-wings were added as required by the fluctuating demand for the hospitiums services. Eventually, it was realised that continuing to add on to the building forever was ultimately infeasible. To that end, several satalite facilities were constructed near to the primary building. These branches, commonly called Pillars, tend to become more specialized in one or two fields over time, such as Pillar Tribus focuses on the long term care of patients suffering from non contagious but chronic conditions, or the high security Pillar Tridecium that focuses on rare and dangerous magical ailments. To connect the Pillars, a network of tunnels and cooridors were constructed beneath that part of the city to facilitate the moving of staff, materials and patients between the buildings. The exact layout of the pathways, as well as if they connect to any other underground structures or infrastructure, are unknown to the general public.


The primary building of the hospitium consists of three large wings branching off from a main atrium that also houses the primary entrance to the facility. In the spaces between the first and second and second and third wings are two large laboratories, connected to the main structure with enclosed hallways. Dotted around the wings are multiple small sub-wings.   The core of the complex was constructed from marble quarried between Train and Tarminas. The annex rises nearly five stories above the main floor, culminating in a massive dome. The wings themselves reach a respectable four stories. On the side of the min entrance facing an open plaza, a double row of marble columns supports part of the roof and several balconies, and in following with the traditions of buildings run by the Thrainish Inquisition, are clad in green and silver banners.


Most people travelling through Primus will make the slight detour from the dense cluster of more popular and affluent neighborhoods surrounding the citadel to at least see the viridian and silver clad marble pillars of the Pale Hospitium. Many of them go to the plaza before the hospitiumm to drink from the two fountains flanking the main entryway. The unusually cold waters are purported to have a vast array of healing powers, some with more evidence behind them than others. Visitors are allowed to collect small vials of the water, though the guards constantly stationed near the fountains keep anyone from taking more than their share, preventing any large scale distribution by any enterprising but unscrupulous individuals.   Visitors are prevented from entering any further into the hospitium unless they are able to show a demonstrable need for the services of the establishment.   At any one time, the plaza in front of the Pale Hospitium may play host to any number of merchants and entertainers, ranging from common grocers, to less savory individuals looking to make easy coin off of the gullibility of those visiting the city.
Founding Date
538, The Fourth Age
Alternative Names
The Alba
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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