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Dry Willow Medical Community

Most people think of medical locations in practical terms. Hospitals are a place people go to get healed, pay their fees, and go home with relatively few strings attached. Doctors and surgeons may do the improbable, but not the impossible.
  Dry Willow is the one place that does the latter. The impossible seems to be their domain if stories are to be believed. Patients with no hope can find some in Dry Willow, where the dying can walk this earth a heartily as they could in their prime and mortal wounds melt away like so much snow in the summer sun.
  Surprisingly, the hospital treats everyone and everything. Organic, Synthetic, young, old, human, alien, all the way down to even house pets should someone bring one through the doors.
  Once you are admitted to Dry Willow, you will have bleeding-edge expertise and technology plying their trade to fix whatever it is that might be ailing you, mind or body.
  If you can pay the price of admission, that is.
  Dry Willow only takes out-of-pocket payments, regardless of the patient's monetary status. No insurance plan is accepted there. Nor any payment plan. You either can pay, or you can't. Anyone on the inside of those points will pay a different way. By advancing the medical sciences in any way they can. Those with knowledge are pulled into the ranks until their debt is paid off. Of course, interest piles up if you aren't careful.
  Those that can't help the hospital with their own hands, for as long as you have them, will find themselves in a different but no less unfortunate situation. Their debtors are brought deep into the facility and are rarely seen again. At least, not in the form that their friends and family would recognize. Just outside the gates of Ubar of the Sands, it's not uncommon to see the broken forms of those debtors, some still in their hospital gowns. Most speaking total nonsense, making guttural noises or staring silently in front of them. As for the 'patients' we never see? Who can say what happens to them.
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