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Naos of T'Ar

The oxen-pulled wagon rumbled along the twisted maze of streets, its cargo moaning when the wagon bounced over an out-of-place cobblestone.   A lamplighter stopped pulling his cart of wicks, oils, and flamestrikes to let the wagon pass before crossing the street. The lamplighter dipped his horns to the driver and mumbled a short prayer to T'Ar.
He snorted the scent of blood clear of his nostrils. It was his duty to ensure there would be light on the way to the naos, not to pray for them. Prayers were best given by the clerics, anyways.   He pulled his cart over to the first lamp on his route. Light. He would give the injured some comforting light.

What is a Naos

  A naos is a place of healing and prayer for the Brahmaur. Unlike other temples, a naos is built like a large stone storehouse surrounded on all sides by a tile-roofed veranda held up by beautifully styled pillars. Statues of Brahmaur saints stand beneath this veranda and are often prayed to while the families of the hurt or sick await word on the condition of their loved ones being treated inside.   Inside, the naos opens onto a long spacious room of beds for the sick and injured with a grand statue of T'Ar to watch over them. Beyond this spacious room, the rest of the naos holds rooms for surgical treatments, medicines, and resting rooms for the healers.  

Why Medicine Instead of Magic

  Brahmaur are a race of minotaurs who stand a head and a half taller than humans. Unlike the much bigger and far more savage minotaurs who enjoy feasting on raw people, Brahmaur are vegetarians. This has led to them being smaller but more intelligent. The biggest advantage this has given them is an immunity to all magic, bad or good.   With this immunity, comes the inability to be healed by magics. Potions, elixers, and prayers have no affect on them. Because of this, healing has become a vital art for their survival. The clerics of T'Ar are devoted to this art and have developed many medicines to aid their people.

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
2 Jul, 2021 04:34

wWhen you say " a place of worship to the Brahmaur", do you mean the Brahmaur worship their gods and saints, or that other people worships the Brahmaur and their saint? Anyway, I like the idea that they have developed medicine independently from everyone else because of their magical immunity. You'll probably answer that in another article, but I'm curious about how their healing abilities are compared to the people who can heal with magic. Anything that is possible for one group but not the other?

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2 Jul, 2021 11:47

Interesting article. The fact that they are immune to all magic and had to find other healing methods is quite nice. Has this immunity and their intelligence evolved over time or can any type of minotaur become like the Brahmaur over time if they switch to a vegetarian diet?

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2 Jul, 2021 13:06

Sadly, a minotaur must start being a vegetarian as soon as they are weaned. To stop being vegetarian is to lose all the benefits and revert back to the near beastial minotaur for the rest of their days.

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4 Aug, 2021 23:25

Oh intersting that must make those minotaurs really want to stay vegetarian :p

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