Filigree House

"Those who find themselves within the walls of Filigree have a tendency to find their way back to part of their former selves. While we can't guarantee a full recovery from any ailments, Filigree House is determined to provide outstanding support facilities and expertise to our patients."
— Leaflet about Filigree House

Those Lost...

  Filigree House is known as a fine institution for the infirmed, while it isn't necessarily seen as a place of surgery or capable of emergency medical response, Filigree House is perfectly suited to those who require close attention with their treatment. Some of the most common patients are those with mental illness with illnesses ranging between depression and Eclipsal Memory.   Founded over two hundred years ago by the Filigree Foundation and with at least one House within capital cities and others spread across the world where it's seen as needed, Filigree Houses have become a global staple of medical service.  

When Found...

  With daily regimens in place to aid treatment and bring consistency and a higher degree of wellbeing to patients, the capacity for recovery is incredible.   Sometimes the road to recovery is long and difficult, and when there's little that the House can do they still care for the patient as best they can until their final days. There is never anyone left behind by the House, and while because of that there tends to be a significant amount of people seemingly dropped on their doorstep, the amount of people who recover and go on to good lives outweigh the amount of people who are left there by caretakers who find themselves overwhelmed by the responsibility.


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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
2 Jul, 2021 15:39

Nice article :D You're probably going to cover that in another article but I'm curious about how they go with healing the patient - magic, herbal remedies, therapies....

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2 Jul, 2021 15:42

I've been debating what to do with the third prompt, so we shall see!

2 Jul, 2021 15:55

Nice article. Always nice to start with a quote to set the mood. I wonder what 'Eclipsal Memory' is actually?

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2 Jul, 2021 15:58

It'll come up soon!

5 Jul, 2021 17:42

I love that this is focused on mental illness. Sounds like a nice place - I like the quote from the leaflet. :)

7 Aug, 2021 06:16

This is lovely! Very hopeful and positive.