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Primary Clinic

A primary clinic is a type of small-scale medical facility and serves the primary health care needs. Usually a primary clinic acts as the first contact and principal point of continuing care for patients within a healthcare system. All major healthcare providers, such as ApexMedical, Prometheus Health and Neo-Eden operate primary clinics. In the most neighborhoods a primary clinic can be found.
  Since the late 21st Century, primary clinics have nearly entirely replaced doctor's offices, a sizeable portion of pharmacies and are largely automated.

Purpose / Function

Primary clinics provide a varriety of healthcare services mostly autonomously. Depending on the size of the clinic there is either an in-house doctor or one on call, aswell as a hand full of nurses, in the case of an ailment or injury the diagnostic programs could not identify.
  Generally a primary clinic is only intended handle day-to-day healthcare and perform initial diagnostic and depending on the nature of the health condition, refer patients to secondary or tertiary care. A primary clinic is not equiped to handle emergency care of any kind.   The equipment and technology making primary clinics capeable to handle out- and short-term patients include autonomous diagnostic scanners, first-aid microdrones, telemedicine stations, monitoring smartbeds, autonomous point-of-care devices, networked medical databases and similar advanced medical technology.
  A primary clinic also utilizes automated drug dispensing cabinets to operate pharmacy services and autonomusly provide medication to patients. It should be noted that due to risk that these cabinets are targeted for thier contents, only medication with limited abuse potential in small quantities are present at any time. The bulk is made up by low level medication with little abuse potential. Anyone in need of more serious medication either is refered to a specialist pharmacy or transfered to a larger medical facility.

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