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Sanctus Maximus Hospital

Sanctus Maximus Hospital is a private hospital run by the Church of Ichthys. It is financed equally by the Ministry of Health and the Church of Ichthys (through donations and the Hand of Ichthys). Juan "Maximus" Morterero undertook to carry out the construction of a hospital that had been abandoned by the city council of Boulogne-Billancourt for 5 years. He negotiated part of the financing from the Ministry of Health.  

Costs of hospitalization

  The cost of hospitalization is normally 60%, the rest is covered by the health insurance. The Children of Ichthys, the members of the Church of Ichthys and the Hand of Ichthys only pay 20% of the costs, this is the agreement established by Juan Morterero to support his community.  

Training for Young Physicians

  Juan Morterero has a will to help the youth to get out of the misery and he insisted that the hospital could be a training place for all the medical workers. The Sanctum Maximus hospital has become a recognized training center for doctors to fight against the Interface Membrane Infection. Regularly, seminars are organized with renowned doctors such as Boghos Zornakyan, Brian Martinsen and Garanina Valya Nikolayevna. These seminars are intended for all medical staff: nurses, doctors, pharmacists and others.
Alternative Names
Saint Maxime Hospital,
Boulogne Sud Hospital
Owning Organization

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