Origination from PutrusCapital4, Scab-Homes are a place of mundane healing focused on transplants and scab-sharing. They have grown in popularity amongst the Vetlik who have turned their back on magic in favor of science. Due to the lenghy healing process of Scab-Sharing, Scab-Homes are often built alongside or attached to a common resting area for the sick.
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Specialized healing for creatures unable to heal wounds naturally due to birth defects, illness, or curses. Medical professionals carefully cut away the scabs of healthy donors and carefully stitch them onto the wounds of others to help reduce the chance of infection. While magic, namely the infusion of Primal Life, can greatly increase the effectiveness of Scab-Sharing, most practitioners prefer mundane methods due for cultural or religious reasons.

I am not sure if this is even the right template for a "building type" rather than a specific building. We will have to figure that out after Summer Camp.

Future Notes
  • Scab-Doctors
  • Found in Vetlik cities.
  • Scab-Sharing can be stitched on but some places "weld" the flesh together.
  • Maybe make a Scab-Doctor background for 5e?
  • Create 3 diseases that inhibit natural healing on Putrus
  • Write a Divine that hates magic healing.

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Author's Notes

This article was created for Summer Camp 2021. This means it is likely incomplete and not to be taken as fully canon within the setting.

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