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The Fortress of Recovery

The Fortress of Recovery is the place where wounded soldiers go who still have hope of fighting again one day. It is a well built castle in one of the safest provinces of Aerodouth where soldiers can recover and work to retain their pride. It is a well respected establishment where even mothers of the wounded still feel proud of their sons and daughters who are in the fortress.

Purpose / Function

King Tallius had this fortress constructed because he knew from experience how terrible it is for one to hear that they are unfit for battle, to be stripped of their dignity and pride in one swift sentence. He decided that a better alternative was to take these wounded soldiers and have them recover while they defend a fortress. Everyone there knows why they are there but they find a certain sense of pride knowing that despite their wounds they are still capable of defending the hold. Because of the amount of soldiers coming in and out of the fortress even with the amount of people recovering the shifts of those who stay are still short before the next soldier takes up their rounds, making rest and recovery easy. Those who are truly too wounded to even walk the castle grounds are allowed to rest in a chamber directly outside of a shrine to Ilmater, the god of endurance. All of the wounded in this castle will go to Ilmater and ask him that they would be able to endure and recover from their wounds. Because priests and especially clerics are scarce and expensive to employ in Aerodouth the wounded here are tended to either by their own wounded brethren who have training in healers kits and treatments or by field nurses who requested that they have a break from tending to the wounded out near the battlefield. Because of this none of the soldiers put in this fortress feel that they have been crippled or that they are useless, and once they recover they return to the military with more confidence than ever.
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