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Neira's Sailing Song Temple

Within the temple of Neira, many paladins and clerics work to serve the Port District of Brechlen. They offer healing services, blessing of ships and are active protectors of the town.

Purpose / Function

This temple specialises in the blessing of ships in the habour before they start a journey. Other services that they offer involve healing, especially for sailors that have contracted diseases in their travels. Often when blessing a ship the clerics and paladin will offer to look over the sailors to ensure they are healthy and that no subtle illnesses are being spread among the crew since this can lead to many problems in a tight working space like a ship.   The paladins often patrol the rest of Brechlen, keeping an eye out for troubles for issues that would require a firmer hand then that of a healing cleric. They have a strict training process that make them hearty and able to withstand the dangers that would threaten the city.


There is a small channel of water that comes from the habour and into the centre of the temple. Outside the temple there is a wooden bridge that allows people to pass over the channel without any concerns for falling in or having to jump over.    There are beautiful stained glass windows that use mostly blues and greens that depict pictures of the sea, with the centre most one near the alter having an image of Neria in mourning.


Since the temple of Avani stopped operating, the temple has done what it can for those in need but it doesn't have the resources to help as many as it would like. They try to offer as many free services as they can, using the donation plate that collects from those who can spare coin to try and make up the difference.


The channel that goes through the centre of the temple is blessed so the water is considered holy water that people are allowed to take as they require. A paladin stands by the entrance near a donation plate, watching people come and go, directing them as they need with their needs for service.
Temple / Church
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