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Hidden Temple of Sunnis, Brechlen

Through a hidden entrance in Steve's office, stairs go down and descend into thew temple of Sunnis. The way to her chamber is marked by her symbol.   There are Masetian writings on some of the pillars in the entrance room, and lizardfolk statues that lead up the Sunnis' chamber.

Purpose / Function

It is Sunnis' base where she keeps Ogremoch prisoner to stop him from threatening this plane. Here she allows certain things to enter to offer challenges for those her Guardian considers worth testing.   For now she holds strong even when Yan-C-Bin sends his minions to her temple to probe for weaknesses in her defences.


It was once on the surface of where Brechlen was later built, but after the war that drove her children away she pulled it under ground and blocked off most of the entrances.    There are hints of doors and other parts being fixed over time.


Old ruins, that seem to have been repaired and tended to over time.
Temple / Church
Parent Location
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Owning Organization
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