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Avani’s Doctrine of Shield

Local Newsletter Article Our local temple of Avani which was run by the High Priest Enne Aten has closed its doors, much to the dismay of the community. It was well known in the community for the support it offered to those during hard times. It has always in direct competition with Éla’s Suppression of Shadows for community support. Mayor Yan Crichton has accused the church and their leader of conspiring to incite violence and unrest in the city. There have also been allegations of abuse of power and crimes against children. Claims denied by High Priest Aten time and time again, but they have taken their toll on the faith of the temple. The numbers for serves are dropping with the reputation of the church being dragged through the mud. This has been going on for months. There seem to be no catalyst for these allegations, but the Mayor has the full support of Captain Rockwell Perry who claims to have a very strong case against the High Priest and is respectfully asking him to come to the station to see this matter through then force a public arrest. Aten has gotten himself legal counsel in face of his all of these accusations. At the moment there are rumours of the Avani temple pulling out from their location in the city, abandoning the city to be taken care of by the other temples. Some of the high officials are on the way from the Avani main temple in the Khanasi lands, no doubt this will create more tension between our Mayor and High Priest Aten. Perhaps after this it will be finally revealed if the temple to Avani really does have a secret library like the rumours say.   Other things of note • Seemed to have a good relationship with the mage guild, assisting them multiple times with research or protecting the city • Held free lessons for all ages to teach reading and writing to those in need • Allegations against High Priest Enne Aten never proven but he and his church were driven out of town. Also no article explains what the evidence was. • A few articles about Éla’s Suppression of Shadows and Avani’s Doctrine of Shield having conflict over serving the wider community.

Purpose / Function

Currently not in use, but it was a place of pray and training when it was in use.


Modifications     Date: 515 MA 24th of Rolier Construction guild: Bob’s Build It Sponsored by: Avani’s Doctrine of Shield Description of job: Addition floor added (single room), Adding of partitions in basement and plumbing to sewers added. Cost: 1,000 Gold Time to build: 10 days Workers: 10   Date: 1489 HC 5th of Pasiphel Construction guild: Muradin’s Hammer Sponsored by: Avani’s Doctrine of Shield Description of job: General repairs and restoring Cost: 500 Gold Time to build: 7 days Workers: 5


A three story building.   The first (ground) floor is the main pray and service area. Currently heavily damaged including a hole in the floor leading to the basement.   The second floor is a general area with two offices, storage, armoury, private rooms and a barracks. Rooms are in varying stages of damage.   The third floor is a single bedroom for the High Priest.   Secret Basement has a secret entrance that leads down to a library. Beyond a tangible illusion (DC 15 Wisdom Saving throw), there is a general dining and cooking area, separate room barracks and toilet/bathing facilities.   Within the secret basement, there were two hidden areas. One was a vault and the other was their investigation room to try and find the Unchained.


Infrastructure report Location: Middletown, outside the wall Construction Date: 505 MA (Day and month too blurry to read) Construction guild: Bob’s Build It Sponsored by: Town Council and Avani’s Priests from Ber Falia Cost: 50,000 Gold Time to build: 200 days Workers: 20   Building abandoned by still owned and paid for by Avani’s Priests from Ber Falia preventing the sale of the building or repurposing. Stripped of worth and searched.
1510 HC
Founding Date
505 MA
Alternative Names
Abandoned Temple of Avani
Temple / Religious complex
Parent Location

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