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Session 36: The Web We Weave Report

General Summary

4th of Haelynir 1524 Continued   At 12pm Karl went up to see Sam to copy a spell into his spellbook.   Lily and Fargrim spoke with Xeldarix, giving her a note that Alexis had dropped back in Wellmore's house that she had been looking for. While Xeldarix checks in on Simone Lily and Fargrim go to do some research. They discuss the idea of letting Alexis out regularly to help her adjust and socialise in the hope that will help her. They also discuss their personal histories.   At 10pm Karl finishes coping his spell, and after having invited Sam to join the group Karl ritually casting Telepathic Bond so everyone can communicate no matter the distance. Then he casts invisibility on himself, Fargrim and Sam. Steve and Lily turn into animals and Xeldarix, Saryea and Salma take the sewers.   Lily goes to Ela's church first to track the group and Steve arrives at the abandoned Avani church. Karl, Fargrim and Sam arrive at the abandoned church next and hide while invisible. At 11pm Xeldarix, Saryea and Salma arrive last as Cassandra leaves her temple. Lily follows Cassandra and watches as they approach the temple. When the drow starts the draw on the outside of the temple Lily says it is on.   They fight begins with Lily being spotted returning to her half-elf form. Cassandra moves into the temple after Karl tries to banish her and takes control of him, commanding him to attack those who attack her. Sam tries to help him as the rest of the group is involved in combat. Fulda tries to run as Quill gives her her focus back and moves in to protect her.   The fight ends with Fargrim's mighty hammer knocking Cassandra out and Salma making sure the drow is dead. Most of the loyalists to Cassandra flee. Fulda and Quill are still nearby, Xeldarix is trembling with rage after threatening those who hurt her friends. Lily, Saryea, Steve, Sam and Salma on standby for anything else.

Missions/Quests Completed

Along Came a Spider - Complete (Cassandra dead)


Name XP Running Total Level at end of Session
Fargrim 3175 64,385 10
Karl 3175 64,385 10
Lily 3,175 64,385 10
Simone 575 37,825 8
Curse of the Unchained
Karl Moller
Level 7 Human (Brecht) Neutral Good Wizard
46 / 46 HP
Lyra Ulvendatter
Level 8 Elf Chaotic Neutral Ranger
/ 53 HP
Lily Wulfsdotter
Level 7 Rjuven Half Elf CN Druid
72 / 72 HP
Fargrim Hammerland
Level 8 Dwarf Lawful Good Cleric
59 / 64 HP
Report Date
30 May 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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