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  Brechlen, a city of 43,984, has been termed the cultural cross roads of Müden. Visitors to this cosmopolitan city, which has long served as the capital of Müden, will hear many languages spoken as they stroll through the streets.   Here, halflings practice their trades, dwarves smith and forge to their hearts’ desire, and all the races of men come to work Brecht ships, fisheries, and farms. People from all over Cerilia come to Brechlen to trade, find jobs crewing ships, and take passage to other lands.   Elves visit Brechlen rarely. When they do enter the city limits, they usually seek trade—especially fresh fish—and immediately depart upon concluding their business. Skeptics, controversy seekers, verbal sword bearers, and enemies of the state claim these elves trade military information and details about Müden’s neighbors for this food, allowing the realm to maintain an unfair advantage in the bay.   Yan Crichton (MBr; F5) is the well-liked mayor of Brechlen.


The mayor, the liaison between the ald e rman and the city council, is the highest officer elected by the people of Müden. This figure usually is the one who gets blamed for everything that goes wrong in a city or town. However, he is also the one who gets the credit when things go right. The mayor’s job has two functions. First, he is the town’s visible public leader. He has the enjoyable task of meeting the populace, cutting ribbons during shop grand openings, and serving as master of ceremonies at special events, parades, and contests. On the other hand, the mayor has the often unpleasant job of directing the city council. While the council members argue and throw their pens at each other, the mayor must bang his gavel to re s t o re order and get things running smoothly again. In Brechlen and Saarmen, marshalling the council is as daunting as taming the Boar—the mayor of Brechlen has said it would be easier to control a circus of yammering monkeys than the convened council. One may well wonder that any work is accomplished during some city council sessions.

Guilds and Factions

Éla’s Suppression of Shadows: The temple to the goddess Éla is the largest synagogue in the city and hosts public services three times a week. Fulda Spiritwalker (FHlf; Pr6; Ma, major, 3 2 ), the high priestess of the Church of Éla’s Quick Fingers, heads worship services here on holidays; at other times, she conducts services in the Grotto of the Evening Star in the capital of city of Brechlen.   In Müden, the church of Éla openly worships the goddess of night and shadows for her ability to control passages between Cerilia and the Shadow World. Fulda teaches that, in appeasement, the goddess will stay the gates to keep the land of her faithful safe from the fearsome creatures of that world. (Most Müdenites, in unspoken accord, worship the Sister of Thieves more to protect themselves from the rogues of this world than from the unknown beasts of the other.)   Sailing Song of Neira: Brechlen’s other significant temple is dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea. All merchants, marines, naval officers, and shipwrights come to the Lady of Mourning to appease the superstitions of sailors. This particular church is located near the main docks, to give all who rely on the sea easy access to their deity.   This temple, as well as the others like it throughout Müden, is controlled by Chanty Emma Trulacht (FBr; P6; Ma minor, 20). She is the parson at this particular branch and is known for charismatic sermons that cause the followers to break into tears and rend their clothing.   Old Father of Forests: Old Father of Forests is a teaching that brings people to realize the tranquility and peace one can find in nature. Erik’s priests, all of whom work under the druid Pieter Astridsen (MRj/Br; Dr5, Erik; An minor, 15), are vassals of tolerance and acceptance, using themselves as examples for their devoted followers. These temple holdings are located only in the southern most forested sections of Müden.


Boarders on the ocean with the lands being plains/prairie land.

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