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Session 19: Seas the Day Report

General Summary

16th of Roiler 1524 Continued   The group defeated the wererats and a blood burst went out through the group. It paralysed Xeldarix temporarily causing her to cry golden tears. Once she recovered the group moved into the temple of Avani. They discover the library has been raided and emptied. However two book selves remain but they seem to be illusions. One led to a study area that had a pin board that revealed this church was working against the unchained but were shut down.   The other door had a puzzle door in Basarji.  
Reign revealed the numbers were:   8 4 1 2 5 7 6 9 3   The group worked together to rearrange the numbers to be:   4 9 2 3 5 7 8 1 6   And the door opened where the party went to find some treasures. Then the group after much discussion left back via the sewers. Unfortunately, there were a bunch of thugs that had discovered the bodies of the now human wererats. Reign tried to intimidate them but due to their numbers they figured they had the upper hand they attacked.   The fight ended with Simone terrified in the corner after being bombarded with the fact that the room they were in was a torture room and there had recently had a lot of deaths in them. She had to be helped from the room.   When the group had finally nearly out of the sewers the group noticed a bunch of cloaks on the floor. Reign went to investigate when the cloaks all rose to attack. During the fight Fargrim healed many of the party. When he healed Xeldarix she seemed to start to glow. It started with a flash and blinded the cloak attached to her and seemed to be like daylight but not like the spell. The fight was hard and seemed to be going badly when Reign activate her weapon to create fear. The cloaks all fled except for the blinded one. The group fled afterwards to escape the sewers.   Once outside Xeldarix confronted Fargrim about the glow with anger. In the end she agreed to talk to Paladin Salma about this glow and Karl dispelled the glow. The group then separated.   Fargrim, Karl, Simone, Xeldarix
  • The group has dinner together before Fargrim goes to get Paladin Salma.
  • Xeldarix, Simone and Karl went upstairs and Karl started to scribe a spell into his book.
  • Fargrim returns with Paladin Salma where Xeldarix takes them to her room for a bit of privacy.
  • Through testing of healing to re-trigger the glow that Paladin Salma recognised it as an ability from the Basaia bloodline. Xeldarix grew manic with laughter before throwing the two people out of the room and starting a violent rampage in the room, destroying most of the furniture.
  • This could be heard by Simone and Karl who came to assist and Simone managed to calm Xeldarix while Fargrim used tongues to easedrop on the end of what was said. This is because Xeldarix and Simone were speaking celestial. From what he got the conversation is that someone hurt Xeldarix and there is a sense of abandonment there.
  • Paladin Salma leaves with a large donation for her temple and many things to think about.
  • Fargrim helps Xeldarix and Simone clean up the room.
  • Simone then put Xeldarix to bed to rest.
Lily, Lyra and Reign
  • Did some shopping.
  • Went to say goodbye to Lady Sasha. They received two letters from Lady Sasha. A letter to her fiance, Harris Airtow, which is personal and a separate letter of letter of introduction.
  • Went to see Galloway and talk to Albrecht.
  • Get information from Albrecht in exchange for information. Lily told Albrecht who betrayed him (Harlmut Mallard) and the name of the seer, while Albrecht told Lily in exchange for this information was; Dread will be in trouble for losing Simone, he would go to Morningsteel, and that if Morningsteel is displeased with them they disappear and why he was helping the unchained.
  • Meanwhile Lyra was telling Galloway and Reign about the information she had learned about Daffodil from a source. She explains he is from Thuringode. Galloway knew that an awnshegh is living there. Lyra expands that the forest of Elves that worship the awnshegh mate with it. It is theorised that Daffodil might actually be related to it. If this is true then the town may be in danger by holding him captive here.
  • The group leaves before question Daffodil as Lily has received news from the inn and pushed the group to return.
The group returned to the inn to learn something had happened with Xeldarix who has retired for the night.   17th of Rolier 1524   The next morning the group wakes up, had breakfast and prepared to leave for the boat. Karl went to say goodbye to his family, while Reign and Xeldarix escorted Simone to Galloway. Simone had had a bad night and was more quiet then usual, the same as Xeldarix. Upon talking to Galloway they discovered Albrecht had been murdered overnight and not by a devil or a demon.   On the boat the group split into different sleeping arrangement. Karl and Fargrim in one, Reign, Simone and Xeldarix in another, and Lily and Lyra were in the last room. Over the course of the day the group did a variety of things.
  • Lily and Xeldarix sparred.
  • Reign and Fargrim spoke with the captain, discover that the Kraken had sunk a ship far to the north off in the distance before Reign invited herself and Fargrim to dinner with the caption. The captain's name was Topiary Fritz.
  • Prophecies were translated (at end of report).
  • The Journal was translated giving the group more information about the Unchained in Brechlen.
  • Simone and Xeldarix hung out most of the day in the next tent when Xeldarix wasn't making her eat.
  • Simone gave a prophecy (see below).
  • Fargrim and Reign have dinner with the captain.
  • Karl gives his ring of deflection to Simone.
The group asks Simone: "Do the Unchained expect to encounter us in Saarmen in under a week's time?"   Cards drawn by Simone:
  • The Dragonfae Goddess Tiamet You Are Stronger then You Think 15: There is a human looking woman with unfamiliar ethic looks. She is sitting by a river in a desert with a pyramid behind her. There is a crocodile in the water.
  • Wu-Wang Wild, Pure Heart 36: A unicorn is on this card. It is in a field of flowers with young animals around.
  • Lady Grain Open Your Heart 2: A beautiful woman stands with her back to a setting sun in a beautiful garden. It is pretty, but the closer you look the more you see little spirits hiding around the garden.
Simone Says:   They are strong enough to overcome their mistakes, but they do not expect to try so soon. They focus of healing and seeking a Mind’s Eye. An opportunity is coming to strike them unaware if you operates from the shadows.   Overnight the group is awakened by an attack on the boat. A giant squid had caught the boat and many toad like creatures had climbed on board and attacked the group. Together the group managed to defeat or scare them off.    

Rewards Granted

  • Blanket of Fortitude
  • Bloodstone (50g)
  • Citrine (50g)
  • Onyx x 4 (50g each)
  • Sardonyx (50g)
  • Star Rose Quatz (50g)
  • Black Pearl x3 (500g each)
  • Blue Spinel x2 (500g each)
  • Alexandrite (500g)
  • Peridot (500g)
  • Piece of Jewellery (34g)
  • Rock Crystal (70g)
  • Red Spinel (90g)
  • Lapis Lazuli (11g)
  • Moonstone (60g)
  • White pearl (140g)
  • Cure Mod x1
  • Cure Light x 3
  • Frost Giant Strength x3
  • Stone Giant Strength x1
  • Gaseous Form x1
  • Vitality x1
  • Climbing x1
  • Bull Strength x1
  • Bear's Endurance x1
  • Lessor Restoration x1

Missions/Quests Completed

Save the Seer, Save the World - Got Simone out of Brechlen How to save a devil - Xeldarix's discovers more about her condition

Created Content

  • Harlmut Mallard
  • Topiary Fritz


Name XP Running Total Level at the end of the session
Fargrim 3000 26,060 7
Karl 3000 26,060 7
Lily 3000 26,060 7
Lyra 3200 18,600 6
Reign 3000 26,060 7
Simone 2000 6,700 5
Curse of the Unchained
Karl Moller
Level 7 Human (Brecht) Neutral Good Wizard
46 / 46 HP
Lyra Ulvendatter
Level 8 Elf Chaotic Neutral Ranger
/ 53 HP
Simone Dread
Level 8 Human (Brecht) Chaotic Neutral Seer
(Haunted One)
/ 53 HP
Lily Wulfsdotter
Level 7 Rjuven Half Elf CN Druid
72 / 72 HP
Fargrim Hammerland
Level 8 Dwarf Lawful Good Cleric
59 / 64 HP
Report Date
13 Sep 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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