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The Sapphire Thorn

On Girdler's Yard, in a market ward of active marketplaces and earnest merchants in Northgate. Its neighbors include the office of a female human money changer named Coenburh and the workshop of a female dwarf clockmaker named Anag.   The innkeeper is an idealistic female dwarf named Thainarv.   Menu:
  • Stewed Mutton and Watercress, Tankard of Stout (9 cp)
  • Braised Deer and Cherry Pie, Glass of Cider (4 sp)
  • Steamed Phoenix and Barley Bread, Glass of Cider (1 sp)
  • Baked Phoenix and Pinenut Bread, Glass of Cider (4 sp)


The inn is a grand building of timber and brick walls, with a slate roof and finely-crafted tables and chairs. It was once a manor house, and has a collection of artwork. Accommodations consist of several large rooms with beds and woollen mattresses.
Parent Location

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