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Session 14: A Bloody War of Conflict Report

General Summary

13th of Roelir Continued   The group after taking some time to have some dinner, or at least those who went back to the inn anyway, they separated in order to look into a few things. Fargrim grabbed Xeldarix bag and an apple and cinnamon pie before heading back to the Mage's Guild while Karl and Reign went shopping.   Lily who was left at the Mage's Tower with Xeldarix cleaned themselves up. Lily grabbed a book for research and used Animal Messenger to try and contact Dill.   Fargrim and Lily  
  • Lily inquires with Fargrim about Dill and Holly, but he informs her that he did not see them.
  • Xeldarix thanks Fargrim for getting her stuff and apologises for not being able to prevent the banishing incident.
  • Xeldarix reveals there is a chance that something came through at the temple she was hiding in when she teleported to Lily earlier that day.
  • They eat pie.
  • Lily tells Fargrim about Xeldarix going through a blood illness right now. Steve and Lily are helping with some of the symptoms temporarily with their healing prayers. Fargrim offers his help as well.
  • Looking through the Heart's Eye Lily and Fargrim can see Xeldarix's wings on the Ethereal plane as well as the distortion around her heart. Fargrim invites Xeldarix to see the distortion herself in a mirror after she reveals she can see her wings but not the distortion.
  • Looking through the gem at herself causes Xeldarix to black out and convulse. Lily and Fargrim consult a book to try and figure out if this connects to her blood illness, but they are unsure. Steve gets Xeldarix on her side before she chokes on her own blood and Fargrim helps with keeping her airway clear.
  • Xeldarix's wings came back to this plane and the distortion through the gem on her heart changed to a solid golden light. Xeldarix is unable to control her languages when attempting to communicate. Starting with celestial, moving to infernal and eventually getting back to Brecht.
  • Once Xeldarix is stable, Fargrim leaves and heads back to the inn to have a chat with Lyra before bed.
  Karl and Reign  
  • They go to a blacksmith shop called the Rusty Nail which is owned by a Vos man named Raslomov. He greets Karl with excitment and shows the pair his only enchanted weapon which was never picked up after commission. A moon touch greatsword. Reign was not convinced by it and Raslomov told them that Captain Galloway had a weapon he was selling.
  • Upon arriving at the Watch HQ to see Galloway Karl is tackled by a young woman, sending them both to the ground. This is Simone Dread who seems to know Karl, but the feeling isn't mutual. Galloway apologises and the four go to his office, Simone dragging Karl over to see her drawings. She acts like a child despite having the body of a 19 year old.
  • Simone does not look people in the eye. Instead looking just off one of their ears.
  • Simone and Karl talk while they are drawing together, he noticed something peculiar about Simone and used this chance to draw out his circle needed to cast identify before looking at Simone. He detects she has some things active on her but his attention is quickly stolen by the voices he can suddenly hear whispering around him. He's unable to make out what they're saying but it becomes apparent that Simone is reacting to them.
  • Reign and Galloway discuss the weapon he's selling before he leaves to go get it. They learn that Simone had escaped house arrest. With her Uncle and Guardian busy for the day, Galloway looked after Simone for the day. Simone speaking in circles and riddles when Reign talks to her. They do confirm that Simone was the one doing the writing in the sewers.
  • Simone reacts badly when one of the whispers scream but both Karl and Reign are there to comfort her. Pink fire appears around her, which Karl recognises and thaumaturgy. Simone shows them a special page in her book. It has a picture of someone who looked like Reign sleeping next to it. There is writing in a language reign doesn't understand. There are woman's cartoon lips with fangs peaking out. A cage with a blacked out body in it. And flowers filling in a lot of the free space with writing everywhere. She started the drawing two weeks ago. Later Karl reveals the writing to be Draconic.
  • Writing says: "Take the she wolf to see the he wolf for tea and scones", "Lady Sasha is locked away like me but it's guarded by her self", "She wolf sick", "The Reign will fall if she goes back to lady Sasha without the scary she wolf", "Uncle knows what I am. He's asked those without chains to make me theirs", "I will die if they die", "Short priest will hurt the wild Lily flower if she gets her to hurt the she wolf", "Hi Karl".
  • Galloway brings back the weapon and Reign buys it for 10,000 gold.
  • Simone heals Karl for 7 hit points.
  • Keith Dread shows up and is aggressive when he comes to pick up Simone. Karl challenges Dread on his view of Simone's situation telling the room about her magical abilities. Galloway is surprised while Dread is not and is instead looking mad this has been revealed.
  • Karl and Reign offer to walk the Dreads home.
  • Simone takes her medicine which starts to affect her partway home on the walk. She has been taking this medicine for the past 3 years.
  • Dread and Reign talk on the way to the Dread household. He reveals many of his colleges were killed in Poden (implied they were Xeldarix's victims) and a disobedient subordinate had him very busy today.
  • Kate Dread is taking over Simone's role/responsibility inheritances as it had been approved today in time for Kate's birthday tomorrow. Reign talks Dread into inviting Karl to the party tomorrow and if catering will allow for Reign to go as well.
  • Karl reveals when they get back to Galloway that Simone is most likely having premonitions.
  • Galloway is looking to challenge Dread for his guardianship over Simone as Galloway is her Godfather.
  • He reveals that Simone's parents died in a fire 10 years ago. She hasn't been the same since. She is considered mentally unwell. She spoke in tongues for the first few years after the fire.
  • Galloway tells both of them that regardless of if they are dealing with a possible fake Lady Sasha or trying to connect Dread to any illegal activity.
  • They arrange for an hour where Reign can attune to her new weapon and Karl can go buy fancy robes.
Karl's Solo Adventure
  • Karl heads for the closest nice tailor he knows which is near the Mage's Guild.
  • A monster runs out of the ally as he walks past and tries to grab Karl, he dodges to the side.
  • The creature has the torso and head of Holly conjoined at hip with a terrifying spider-like creature. It's a larger demonic looking version of the Drider Karl had seen the other night.
  • Karl immediately runs for the Mage's Guild, grateful the creature isn't as fast as the driders.
  • It's at this awkward moment that Karl remembers a warning he had received from Xeldarix about travelling alone.
  • Karl makes it safely to the guild with creature bouncing off the wards.
Karl and Lily Mini Moment
  • Karl reveals what happened to Lily.
  • They discuss the possibility that Holly is becoming an Awnshegh.
  • Lily tells Karl about the ritual she found to destroy bloodlines in people.
  • Karl reveals what Simone had written in Draconic.
  • Lily reveals that Fulda's people tried to kidnap her earlier but she made it back within the wards in time.
  • Xeldarix looked to be resting throughout this whole encounter.
Back to Karl and Reign
  • Karl fills Reign in on what happened.
  • They go to talk to the pirate, Albrecht Graben. He is very rude to them, annoying Karl who immediately tries to threaten Albrecht with some stealthy magic. Albrecht is unfazed by this and just mocks them more.
  • Albrecht is wanted for rape, treason, murder and theft.
  • They threaten him with execution in the morning, he laughs at them and reveals his bloodmark and why he's so confident they're lying. Karl can tell he's of the Vorynn bloodline based on the mark being a green chameleon. He was born with this bloodline and ability, but did admit to having gained some of the years.
  • Blooded criminals are killed with invited lords/ladies present to absorb the bloodline without risking it going to waste or the unworthy.
  • Reign tries the magical abilities of her new weapon on Albercht but he shrugs it off.
  • Albrecht gives them nothing but encourages them to come back and try again when they actually have something to offer him in future.
  • They briefly go see Lily before heading back to the inn.
14th of Roelir   Lily and Xeldarix
  • Displeased to hear about Karl's solo adventure Xeldarix insists on leaving the guild to try and track what she believes is a demon.
  • They end up at the Sapphire Thorn having breakfast waiting for the others to wake.
Mini episodes complete! In session information below.   One by one the group wakes up. Fargrim goes down to discover Lily and Xeldarix at the inn. Xeldarix excuses herself to have a private word with Karl. She runs into Reign who is very suprised to see her, making her disappointment known that Xeldarix would forsake the safety of the mage's guild to come here.   Upon being invited into Karl's room Xeldarix makes her displeasure known over his inability to follow what she felt was a simple instruction. She grows frustrated at the fact that she cannot smell a demon on him. She asks him to think about the monster and she connects with him telepathically to see what he saw. They both go downstairs to return to the group.   After breakfast they arrange for a private room to talk in. The group starts to suspect that Teddy is overcharging them.   Everyone shares what happened after the trial the previous day. Xeldarix grows upset at the mention of Simone. Upon questioning she reveals how a Seer is born and what that means for the plane. Fargrim asks her about the languages she spoke in during the previous day and tells him. She won't go into detail with the group. She agrees to be their 'eyes' in the situation for dealing with the creature pretending to be Lady Sasha. Fargrim brings up a mirror he met, indicating it would be good to talk to it if they get a chance in Saarmen.   Karl and Fargrim go to Sailing Song of Neira to check in with the Paladin on watch and see the High Paladin Salma. They sought her counsel which she gave freely but did press them about details. She gave them the space and freedom to consider her offer. They bought two cure light wound potions.   Meanwhile Lily had a crack at the demon statue. Unfortunately she tried to break into it. This triggered a defensive mechanism that melted everything inside the statue, damaging the floor and splashing a little on Lily. Lily paid for the floor and apologised to Thainary.   Thainary finally returned to work and spoke with the group. She told her about her cousin Mary who worked at Lady Sasha's house. She is the pie genius behind the recipes that Thainary sells. The group leaves to go see Mary.   On the way to Lady Sasha's house Lily stops, clutching her chest struggling to breath. With Karl's help she is eased down to the ground. Reign notices the tattoo on Lily's face and the fact they were being followed. Lily says she did it herself and offers to do one for Reign. Xeldrix stumbles out of a side alley she had apparently disappeared into and helps Lily up, encouraging her to shake it off.  
  Not far from the manor, Lily casts Pass Without a Trace and they lose their followers. Once there they make a plan. Fargrim goes to get Mary while Xeldarix sneaks into the house. After some hassle and a bad assumption he gets Mary and convinces her to come for a walk with him. He is floundering halfway through leading her to the party, but they rescue him and convince her to help them. She does after certain promises are made. Xeldarix communicates with Lily that the creature is a Rakshasa and she tells the group.   Lily goes back with Mary and is let into the cellar. Karl moves to the front of the house to 'draw' the amazing gardens of the neighbourhood. He messages Lily to communicate with her as she goes. Upon finding the door Mary mentioned. As a spider, Lily is able to get under the door to find the real Lady Sasha in a cage, naked and rather smelly. She goes back into the main cellar.   Due to being unable to reply to Karl as a spider, Lily communicates to Xeldarix who communicates to Karl the situation. The group comes up with a plan for Karl to go assist Lily, Reign and Fargrim will go distract the Rakshasa, Lyra and Good to move into the kitchen to run into the fight if it starts while Xeldrix remain hidden to jump into the fight (or steal scones).   When Karl arrives she is Lily again and has found a crowbar. Together they are able to get through most of the defences around Lady Sasha, flying her out of the room.   Fargrim and Reign meet Lady Sasha in the greenhouse outback where they talk for a bit before she realises what has happened. After digging around Reign's mind she discovers the truth of the situation and casts dominate person on her.   Initiative!!!

Rewards Granted

Possible invites to Dread birthday event

Missions/Quests Completed

  • The Puzzle of Demons - Failed
  • Save the Seer, Save the World - Given
  • Lady Rakshasa - Lady Sasha found but not yet saved
  • Holly's Delmar - More information found but unclear as to what is the case
  • Talk like a Pirate - No progress but possible to come back to.
  • How to save a devil - Xeldarix continues to slowly recover with aid of many of the party. 

Character(s) interacted with

  • Attached to Karl
  • Trusts Reign
  • Discovered to have magic and be a seer
  • Found to be in between a rock and a hard on many issues due to his position as Lord of the Watch.
  • Confides in Reign and Karl and trusts them to help take care of somethings.
  • Has a variety of characters come check on her and offer assistance.
  • After hearing about Karl decides she can't afford more rest days without a demon in the city.

Created Content

Blood Illness, Raslomov, The End, Bloodline Rituals (Transfer, Destruction and Protection), Seer Origins


Name XP Running Total Level at end of session
Fargrim 925 17060 6
Karl 925 17060 6
Lily 925 17060 6
Lyra NA 8410 5
Reign 925 17060 6
Curse of the Unchained
Karl Moller
Level 7 Human (Brecht) Neutral Good Wizard
46 / 46 HP
Lyra Ulvendatter
Level 8 Elf Chaotic Neutral Ranger
/ 53 HP
Lily Wulfsdotter
Level 7 Rjuven Half Elf CN Druid
72 / 72 HP
Fargrim Hammerland
Level 8 Dwarf Lawful Good Cleric
59 / 64 HP
Report Date
26 Jul 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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