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Rusty Nail

One of the many blacksmiths that can be found in Brechlen. This one is unique for it's Vos owner. A towering man of strength and scares. However, anyone who knows him knows he's a jolly fellow that would sooner share a drink with you then cross swords. That doesn't mean he won't though if the need was there, he just knows that sometimes a drink will win more hearts then violence.

Purpose / Function

The rusty nail specialises in heavy and two handed weapons. Despite the Master Smith's Vos nature, there are some elegant weapons to be found here. Inlays of silver and gold to highlight the blood that paints your blade at the end of another blood thirty battle.    Part of the forge is in the main area of the shop so the Master Smith can talk to customers while he works and make sure no one gives his apprentices any grief.
Craftsman, Blacksmith / Smithy
Parent Location

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