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Dread Manor

Being on the edge of the Stormgate and Timest's Road gives this property a Parkside view out the front of the house.

Purpose / Function

It was a residence.


Standard front, back and servant's entrance. However there is a secret entrance into the sewer from the library.


Lord Keith Dread moved in after his brother and sister-in-law died, taking Simone in as his ward. Keith daughter, Kate Dread, also lives in the house and holds the title Lady Dread as Simone is deemed unfit to hold the title due to being mentally unwell.


It was rebuilt after a fire, the architecture becoming more Brecht and iron bars added to the windows from the attic.


It was rebuilt after a fire destroyed most of the house, killing Simone's parents.
Alternative Names
Simone's Prison
Manor house / Meeting hall
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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