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Session: 37 The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors Report

General Summary

5th of Haelynir 1524     The hour is late. The fight ended with Fargrim’s mighty hammer knocking Cassandra out and High Paladin Salma making sure the drow stayed dead. Most of the loyalists to Cassandra flee. Fulda and Quill were nearby with a foe who did not look to like the odds of the fight. Meanwhile Xeldarix trembled with rage.   Karl runs over to Fargrim with his apologies for being charmed by Cassandra. Fargrim dismisses the apologises, knowing who was really at fault. Meanwhile outside, overcome by her rage, Xeldarix attacks Fulda. Fulda uses the command spell to force Xeldarix to move far away from her while Quill helps her to try and escape. Lily however, wasn’t going to allow the pair to get away. She threw a spell at them, knocking them both out with a cone of cold.   Saryea and Karl have no idea the fight that continues outside and take a moment to appreciate they both made it out of this alive and wouldn’t have to be the one to tell their mother about the death of their sibling. Karl takes the moment to dispel the magic nullification on Fargrim. Fargrim however sensing something is wrong heads outside and is unable to see Fulda so inquires into her whereabouts.   Steve is horrified to see the attack on Fulda and Quill, making his displeasure known to Lily as he tells her to stop. Lily, seemingly realising her full situation, says that Fulda can’t leave until an understanding has been reached. Karl moves and checks on the intended sacrifice. Fargrim is concerned about Xeldarix. He notices she was compelled to run by a spell, however it is very obvious she is extremely angry and looking downright murderous at this point. He tries to get Xeldarix to let it go as Fulda has been defeated, however Xeldarix seems unconvinced that Fulda isn’t an ongoing threat right now. Xeldarix goes to run past Fargrim to finish what she started, however Fargrim in combination with Karl and Lily’s verbal and non verbal help, manages to grab her.   Steve heals Fulda and Quill and they come to consciousness with Lily looming over them. Quill is upset as he tries to protect Fulda from the group. Lily makes her conditions for allowing Fulda to walk away with this clear. No more kidnapping, never touching Lily or the group again, donating the stolen books to the city and apologising to Xeldarix with her name. Meanwhile, Fargrim holds on for dear life as he tries to talk Xeldarix down. Xeldarix screams about her concerns in frustration of being unable to get to her target.   Fulda agrees to the terms that so long as Xeldarix stays away from her and her guild then is willing to let this conflict end. Quill promises to do what he can though the guild itself is divided right now.   Karl joined Fargrim in trying to get Xeldarix to let go of her rage. The cycle of vengeance has to be broken or they would bring more ruin upon themselves. Xeldarix struggles with her own views on the situation but in the end relents as she does not want to bring down ruin on the group. Karl suggests Xeldarix, Lily and Steve go back to the library, while the others remain to clean up. Xeldarix agrees and is quiet as she waits for Steve and Lily to be ready to go.   Sam sends a message to Lord Galloway and the group discusses what to tell the Captain of the Watch when he arrives. After agreeing with the truth but put simply, Steve, Lily and Xeldarix leave while Fargrim and Karl stay to help with cleaning up. After about 40 minutes, Lord Galloway arrives. Fargrim and Karl give him the basic rundown of what happened. He is very disappointed that he missed the chance to catch Fulda here, but will continue looking into it.   Galloway tells the pair that he will need their statements, as well as anyone else who was there but has already left the scene. Sam makes his own way home, same with Saryea and Salma, while Fargrim and Karl to the Broken Wand. Meanwhile back at the Mage Guild, Lily and Xeldarix have a private moment which leads to a long night for the both of them. Karl tries to message Lily with sending, but doesn’t get a reply. Fargrim sends Xeldarix a sending message instead and gets a distracted reply, bidding them a good night.   ----------------------   When Karl and Fargrim wake up at 9am, they decide to head over to the Mage Guild. Karl is curious as to why Lily didn’t respond to his message the previous night. They discuss their current problems and issues and end up in a long discussion about Xeldarix and Alexis, considering how they could help them. They found out at the front desk that Steve and one of his daughters didn’t sleep well. They suspect this was Xeldarix or Lily at this stage until they go downstairs and find a note from Xeldarix pinned to the barracks door with “Do not disturb” written on it. Karl notices a bit of blood on it which has both of them very concerned.   Since Karl can hear someone inside he writes a note and slides it under the door as to not disturb those inside if they were still resting. Before Karl and Fargrim can make it to the stairs to go up to the library a very confused Xeldarix opens the door. She was unaware it was already morning and looks very tired. As Lily wakes up, she also looks very tired. Xeldarix fusses a little over Lily, but doesn’t answer any direct questions about why the pair are so tired, instead leaving it to Lily with how much she wants to tell.   The group goes over again what they will tell Galloway when they give their official statements today. Lily invites everyone to go and visit Pearl. Xeldarix reveals Simone has ruined her current artbook and that Quill was a fae being known as a Changling.   Karl, Fargrim and Xeldarix go to get some food for the group via the kitchen in the druid area while Lily meditates. Steve is there with his youngest trying to cook pancakes while she is half asleep on his shoulder. He appreciates the help Karl gives to get the breakfast cooked. The group heads back to the room once breakfast is obtained. Xeldarix stays with Lily as she has her breakfast while Karl takes breakfast to Simone.   Simone is showing signs of doing poorly. She’s had visions that have led to her being unwell. She allows Fargrim and Karl to look at her art book while she has some pancakes. The book has mostly bars drawn over the top of every drawing. On a few pages there are hands reaching through the bars. Some grip the bars. There are eyes drawn and looking angry at the viewer, some look scared, and some look like they are crying. One of the drawings gives Fargrim pause. The way the angry eyes seem to pierce the viewer and almost look feral. It seems very familiar. This scares Fargrim into thinking Galloway is going to lock them away today when they give their statements.   When Karl asks Simone if this is what she saw she is unable to say. Her mind is muddled in the visions. She’s scared in them and sees bars, but not Karl or Fargrim. She seems worried Galloway will lock her away though for being a handful. After some reassurance of friendship, protection and everything will be okay, Simone agrees to do a reading for the group.   Question: "Will Galloway lock up any of the Forged if we give our statements today?" Simone repeats with a nod. "I don't mind checking for you. We all deserve be safe."   Answer:   “Soon the Forged will go on a journey to help a powerful ally with their goal where some will lose themselves and some will find themselves, Take a practical approach and put your goals first as you’re not the victim, A confrontation is coming but not from this event, so the Forged must overcome their own dark thoughts or they will create their own struggles.”   Afterwards the group gently convinces Simone to come with them to see Galloway, hoping the fresh air and sun will do her some good. The group goes to leave and Fargrim stops, asking for a private moment with Xeldarix.   Fargrim and Xeldarix go into the bathroom to talk privately. Karl and Simone wait quietly at the stairs while Lily goes to do some research while she waits.  
  Fargrim talks to Xeldarix about his concerns that Simone’s latest drawings involve her.  
  Returning to the group after his discussion with Xeldarix, the group leaves for the Watch, taking Simone with them. When they arrive at the Watch Karl starts to ritually cast Telepathic Bond while waiting for Galloway, but this quickly upsets many of the guards until one of the priest guards is summoned to deal with Karl. Lieutenant Enfield, a middle aged half orc woman with fine silk under her armour. Her head is shaved and her holy symbol seems to be an orange beaded rosary with fire and heart symbols.   Karl stops his casting upon request and the group is escorted to Galloway to arrange for their interviews. Simone stays in his office while Galloway talks with Lily, Enfield takes Karl and Fargrim has another newcomer named Lieutenant Dalby.   In Karl and Enfield’s chat they get slightly off topic with talking about what Karl knows about the abandoning of the temple of Avani in town. While waiting to be released he gets a message from Sam Sparrow informing him that Xeldarix has been banned from the guild unless under his direct supervision. A violent episode caused minor injury and property damage and her whereabouts at this point is unknown.   As soon as she was allowed to leave her interview room, Lily had taken off from the building running.   Karl and Fargrim go to collect Simone only to find her drawing on the walls and muttering to herself. Karl goes over to try and get her attention. She is out of sorts and just latches onto Karl. On the wall she had drawn in chalk of Xeldarix breaking out of the cage looking feral with horns. There are other monsters drawn around the outside of this. An ettin. A troll. A giants of some sort. A cockatrice. A liontaur.   Karl and Fargrim make their way to the guild. Fargrim explains on the way he spoke with Xeldarix and Alexis which might be why this happened and Lily ran off. Karl explains the messages he got about what happened.   At the guild there is still evidence of the mess that had been left behind, which included a sink embedded in the wall. Fargrim leaves to go get the horses and Karl goes to talk with Steve. Steve explains that Xeldarix had blue eyes at the time, flickering gold in one eye until then end when she ran and her eyes were gold then. Steve had dragged her out while he was an Earth Elemental but she forced him back to his usual form with the intent of killing him when Ava’s cries made her run off.   Fargrim returns with a note from Lily telling them “Could you gather her things and bring them to Avani’s temple? She also offers some of her gems to help pay for the damages.” After that, Karl and Fargrim fill Steve in on what exactly Xeldarix and Alexis is and the current problem with this. Afterwards they leave to head to the abandoned temple of Avani.  
  When the others arrive at the temple, Lily goes down to greet them. They carry all the things collected from the guild and store them in a room on the second floor. Lily reads the latest update from the communication journal. The group has a discussion on next possible steps from here, including on if Alfonso comes with them or stays here, and how they get to Poden. Fargrim goes downstairs to talk to Alfonso while Lily and Karl go upstairs to see Xeldarix and Simone. They talk with Xeldarix, but she seems defeated and unsure about what to do next. They talk about what happened at the guild before Karl mentions this might be the best time to hear about how Xeldarix actually fell as it might help Alexis to hear it. Xeldarix reluctantly agrees to tell them but asks they wait for Fargrim as she doesn’t want to tell it more than once.   Xeldarix turns away from the group as she starts to talk, telling the group her story:  
A long time ago... My purpose was protection. However, only for those assigned to me by Basaia or one of her higher angels. We noticed children from one of her settlements were getting lost in the Astral Sea somehow. Strange. I went and collected those who were still alive and took them home. I was to stay and monitor the situation. I lived among them for a time, trying to figure out if it was human curiosity that had caused the trouble or other forces.   Over time I noticed demonic signs in the village and the surrounding area. A breech from the abyss onto this plane had been slowly forming underground and working it's way up. During my time in the village it was obvious how curious young mortals were. Wondering away from their safety and homes to explore, stumbling upon leaked energy which sent them to other planes. It turns out the lucky ones had ended up in the Astral Sea.   We are assigned something to protect, there are strict rules about how, what to protect and from what. Any time another mortal attacked another, I was not to interfere. However, if something from another plane attacks that is another matter entirely. My instructions were clear. Protect the village from the breach and try to close it. It took a long time. The breech was large and with many anchor points. The tunnels they had dug with many twists and turns. I recovered in the village when I needed to and continued my work. I was there for many human years. They treated me well and with honor. Some were silly enough to pray to me as if I was Basaia. It was silly and I set them on the right track. I trained them for if the demons came when I attempted to clear more. I grew very fond of them.   Eventually I closed the breech and removed the demonic incursion. It was time for me to leave and take on a new mission. They threw me a big party to say goodbye. It was touching. I returned a few months later to check on them. They were all dead.   A clan of Vos had come through and killed them all. I found a survivor here or there that had made it to other villages. They told me what happened and how they had called for my help... but I didn't hear it. I asked the higher up angels and they told me 'It was as it was meant to be'. The village was always going to die and be slaughtered. It just wasn't the time for that to happen before and couldn't happen by demonic hands. I started to notice this more and more on my missions. Save the mortals so they may die at the right moment. Save select mortals so they may rise up in a heroic fashion to bring about a desired change in the plane.   One day I brought a small child home who had been lost. A seer. Her older sister didn't survive, sparking the change and the call to destiny. The test to the plane. She was to die not long after getting home as the mortals reacted badly to her gift. She did not die by their hand. Seeing the violence against the child something in me reacted. Before I realised what I had done the mortals who meant her harm were dead. We ran. I kept her safe from mortals who didn't understand and tried to find someone to look after her. A mortal. I was already getting summons from heaven and I ignored them in hopes I could hide the child.   Eventually I was collected and brought before a trial for my crimes. I was given a warning. My next mission was more the same. Save a mortal was an external force so it will die from an internal force. I couldn't do it anymore. I killed the threatening forces regardless of their nature. Don't give me something to protect and then tell me to watch them die!   They came for me again and I defended my wards and myself. I killed angels who dared to try and drag me away. They eventually took me when they had beaten me down into a mess with broken wings. They didn't kill me. They brought me to Basaia. In my rage... in my Wrath. I screamed at her with all my questions of why... and tried to attack her. She told me she would always love me... and that she was sorry… The ground opened up beneath my feet and... I fell... A portal to hell caught me and with my wings broken I couldn't fly. The last thing I said to her was I hated her... and It wasn't true. It wasn't true!
  While telling the story it is clear that Xeldarix is struggling with her own emotions and keeping Alexis in check. She resorts to hurting herself with the broken window. For a moment it looked like Fargrim was going to run in for a hug, but he refrained from doing so. The group reassures her that they feel safe with her and she won’t hurt them. They encourage to let it out and she does so. She screams and cries. They stay with her and support her through this. Alexis seems to be struggling to come out, but Xeldarix keeps her locked down. Alexis draws the line when Xeldarix goes to hit the ground and makes a big bid for control, causing Xeldarix to seize. Lily makes Alexis stop. Fargrim prays as Xeldarix cries.   Eventually when things calm down the group starts to discuss leaving again with Xeldarix this time. She feels bad for causing this. They will delay seeing Pearl and ghost hunting while Karl waits for the opportunity to go to Poden with the guild. They also put forward the idea of talking to Alexis more outside of town in controlled situations.   After talking, Karl, Lily and Xeldarix go downstairs to look into one of the hidden rooms, looking for evidence that implies the scandal was manufactured. They discuss Orel and his cipher. Xeldarix reveals the fact he uses the hymns and songs of his god to unlock. When the conversation turns to gods, Xeldarix says the area is not hollowed and she would like to fix that. While Xeldarix wants to dedicate it to Basaia, Alexis wants it dedicated to the god it was built for. This process would take Xeldarix a week as she doesn’t have access to all the power she once had as an angel.   Lily makes plans with Xeldarix to experiment with some of her new abilities, in particular the transformation. However, a ghost in the room gets Lily’s attention. The ghost wants Xeldarix to hallow the site, but gets violent when told to wait. In the end they leave the room and Karl realises Simone is asleep upstairs alone. They all rush up and find her there still safe and asleep. Fargrim returns with pies, singing to himself.   Xeldarix stays at the temple with Simone to get some rest while the trio leave to go ghost hunting. Karl wants to go talk to Sam before they start their search. Karl casts Telepathic Bond on the group before they leave. Xeldarix gives them money to get hallow spell components. Fargrim considers offering his help to the process.   At 2pm the group arrives at the guild. Some girls fawn over Karl’s disguise. Karl goes up to talk to Sam alone. Meanwhile Lily tries to do some research.  
  Upstairs Karl meets June, Sam’s personal apprentice. After getting some more information about what happened at the guild earlier that day. Karl will leave his spellbook with Sam so he may copy spells while June will show Karl the wand in the testing room. June expresses her concern for Karl putting the guild in danger as Master’s seem to go missing around him. They come to an understanding and return to Sam’s office after testing the wand.   Karl asks about the Wellmore Estate. Sam says the guild is buying it so when Edlin has paid for her crimes, no matter how long the sentence she will have somewhere to call home. Until then the guild will use it as they see fit, but haven’t decided on how yet. Karl floats the idea of the group using it as they can’t stay at the guild anymore. Sam says he discusses it with the other Masters.   Afterwards Karl goes to see Master Burke. There he gets permission to go with him to the academy in Poden. After some Sending messages to Christos, he learns that 500 gold will be required to use it every year at the student price. Karl gives Burke the sad news about Master Humphrey’s and Burke mentions making a journey to pay his respects.   On the way out June runs into Karl and gives him the Cloak of Billowing. They have a brief conversation before June walks away. Karl then returns to the others. He fills them in on what happened upstairs. The group goes shopping at 2:30pm before heading to The Sapphire Thorn to see if any of the Bad Luck crew were there.   Lily goes and talks to Thainary privately after the group asks her a few questions. When Lily returns at 3:30pm they have a snack and a drink. Lily tells them that a ruthless Dread Pirate is looking for Karl and that Thainary pretended not to know him. They discuss different tactics for how to deal with these pirates looking for Karl.   Afterwards they head for the port to search for Bad Luck and keep an eye for pirates. While not spotting the ghosts they were looking for, they do find some sailors asking people questions and showing them some paper. Lily seems to want to stay away from them while Fargrim wants to approach and follow them. Karl is unaware and amazed at chocolate covered fish.   In the end the group agrees to follow the pair in hopes that they go back to a boat. Just as the group spots which boat the pair head for they stop and turn round to leave. As they do this Karl and lily can hear the subtle sound of something getting out of the water and climbing into the jetty behind them as they turn to head back (between them and the boat). Karl summons Aeryn 30 feet away on a boat to see what is behind them. Looking through Aeryn's eyes you see a very pretty sea elf who makes the clicking motion with her fingers but without sound as a trident appears in her hand. Not looking aggressive but ready.   The woman calls them out for following her crew. They call for a parley and head over to a dock side cafe to talk. It turns out this is Dread Pirate Erin Lamvin. There they have a chat over some drinks. Erin sought to know about what Karl wants from his reign as King. Karl does not want to be at the front of the throne but remain in the shadows. Delegating to others. Erin tells him the bloodline he now has is linked to realm magic. She wants him to sail with her, but is willing to let him continue his adventures if she had a hostage as insurance as she promises to take care of them. Erin is unimpressed by the companions Karl has and the protection they can offer.   Karl offers Erin two gifts. The Cloak of Billowing and a Feather Token with the promise of his return. Erin compromises with these gifts, giving Karl until the end of the month to return. She also wants a message from him every 4 days so she knows he is alive and well. In the end Erin and Karl agree to meet the next day after he has had a chance to go to Poden and talk with his companions.   Karl asks about her weapon. Erin tells him where she got it and how it set her on her path to glory. She allows the party to look at it. Karl informs her Brechlen will be his home port. Erin seems to be friendly with the merfolk in the area according to herself. Erin sobers herself up before leaving the group and heading back to her ship.   Afterwards they head back to the temple to arrive at 6pm. They find the slumbering girls had moved to the corner of the room. Xeldarix appears half awake as the group enters. Karl goes to sit next to them and talk quietly. Simone had a fit in her sleep and then they were being scried on. This meant that neither of them got the rest they were really after.   Karl tells them the great news that he is getting married soon. Karl is very embarrassed about the whole situation. Lily wastes no time in adding to his embarrassment. Fargrim offers to help with the Hallowing of the area. Xeldarix says she can expand the affected area through a ritual with Fargrim doing the spell.   Simone let’s slip Xeldarix has to spend the night at the temple and won’t say why.   The group leaves the temple. They spot a shop where they can find art supplies for Simone but it is creepy and unnerving so they leave it be. Xeldarix holds Lily upright on the horse while she naps. The group leaves the shop as it and continues on to the Mage guild.   At the mage guild Xeldarix stays outside with Simone and Lily, while Karl and Fargrim go up to see Sam Sparrow. He is there with June working late. Karl mentioned Jarvis’ tower to them while taking Burke there and this got June very excited to see a construction. Sam tells Karl that depending on what happens tomorrow at Poden will depend on Burke giving his sign off for the Forged to become tenants of the house.   When coming out Fargrim finds Alfonso’s mane has been braided and Simone is petting the wall of the guild while talking to it. Karl had gotten a student discounted notebook for Simone and gave it to her. They head for the Welcoming Hell-Hound and get two rooms for the night. Fargrim messages Lyra to hear they are staying at the Broken Wand for now. Meanwhile Karl messages Jarvis to hear people are welcome to visit and the Priestess of Avani to be interested in hearing more about this.   Just before bed Lily and Xeldarix go out on the roof for her first flight. Xeldarix flinches when the wings are summoned and watches from the roof as Lily tests the wings. Afterwards, Xeldarix leaves and everyone settles in for a nice and relaxing sleep.   That is… Lily gets a nice and relaxing sleep while everyone else is plagued by nightmares.   6th of Haelynir 1524  
Sleep finds Fargrim as it normally does. There is a comfort to the warmer weather of the South that is reassuring. However, even the Spring of the South does little to keep the cold from Fargrim tonight. The bite of the overnight frost nips at him despite being inside while he sleeps.   Fargrim finds himself standing at the edge of a forest. It’s dark in there and Haelyn’s light doesn’t seem to penetrate it. Beside Fargrim are his friends and allies. Lily, Lyra, Good, Karl, Xeldarix, Simone, Lila, Galloway, Steve, Salma, Saryea and of course his trusty hammer of Moradin.   The scene around Fargrim seems to be frozen in an eternal wait. A soft layer of mist swirling around your feet, a howl heard off in the distance and the moon high in the sky. Fargrim can hear his heart beating in his ears, his breathing seems almost too loud and yet his friends are silent and calm despite what he knows to be in the trees. They’re not ready. They don’t know.   A sound catches Fargrim’s ear and he turns to find himself not outside near a forest but inside in an abandoned temple of Avani with Cassandra looming over him. Fargrim swings his hammer, calling out Haelyn’s name, but as he hits he finds his hammer has been turned into a children’s toy. Looking down in horror instead he calls upon Haelyn’s flame, but nothing happens. His prayers unanswered. Fargrim quickly looks for his friends but he’s alone.   He looks back at Cassandra and she seems to grow in height, looming over him, causing him to look up and see his friends and allies all dangling lifelessly from the ceiling in the webs. Cassandra’s smile grows as she reaches for him. She seems to grow larger, or is he getting smaller? He tries to run, but she plucks him off the ground as if he is the size of a spider once more. And with a clap of her hands, she crushes Fargrim.   Fargrim wakes, tangled in the sheets of the bed with a start, her final words echoing in his mind as sleep’s hold starts to lose it’s grip. “We had a deal. Pity. They’ll make lovely sacrifices.”   Fargrim get’s his spells, health (level plus con), and all the normal things from a long rest. However he does have one point of fatigue. This means disadvantage on Ability Checks, but unless you get up to much trouble today, it shouldn’t mean too much.
Karl as you find yourself lying comfortably in your nice warm bed, you start to notice the subtle motion of the bed swaying. You open your eyes to find this is not the room you fell asleep in. Looking around, you can hear someone softly singing a tune.   “We all have different stories from many walks of life,
We did our best to make our way, it didn’t turn out right,
More of the adventures and talks of all the gold,
will make a man think twice about his life at home.”   Karl slowly climbs out of bed. His trusty wands are not to be seen anywhere, making him feel insecure. The only light seems to be coming from a brazer near the end of the bed. The lack of lighting and the soft singing give the room an ominous feel to them.   “We head for open waters, the kings of the sea,
Yo ho ho, here we go, a pirate's life for me,
Wherever there is treasure that’s where we will be
Yo ho ho, here we go, a pirate's life for me, A pirate's life for me”   The sound of waves around him draws his attention to the door. Karl grabs some of his robes that look to have been discarded on the floor as he heads that way, this siren song seeming to pull him towards it.   “Now we are the hunted, with bounties on our head,
The royal navy wants us, our certainty is death,
If it’s not in battle the gallows it will be,
Til my dying day, a pirate's life for me.”   Karl opens the door and he can smell the sea and feel the sea spray on his face. It seems to be late at night. He can see no one in the moonlight. The voice calls him. The song comes from the edge of the boat. Without meaning to, his feet guide him that way.   “We head for open waters, the kings of the sea,
Yo ho ho, here we go, a pirate's life for me,
Wherever there is treasure that’s where we will be,
Yo ho ho, here we go, a pirate's life for me, A pirate's life for me”   As Karl looks over the railing of the boat, a length of water, almost like a rope whips out from the water and wraps itself around his neck, pulling him down and plunging him into the freezing cold.   “We head for open waters, the kings of the sea,
Yo ho ho, here we go, a pirate's life for me,
Wherever there is treasure that’s where we will be
Yo ho ho, here we go, a pirate's life for me”   Karl feels two arms wrap around him and start to pull him deeper into the water. His body refuses to fight for the surface. He hears in his ear as someone whispers to him. “A pirate's life for me, my King”   Karl doesn’t feel scared though. As he starts to lose his vision, he finds is able to breathe. He does not know how.   “That’s it, my King. Breath for me and I’ll fight for you.”   Karl feels a gentle kiss on his forehead as he sinks to the bottom of the sea and wakes up.
  Upon waking up, Fargrim and Karl share a blearly stare at one another while they head downstairs for a big breakfast and some coffee. At some point in breakfast Karl runs upstairs to wake Lily as he forgot to do so. Karl and Lily take Simone with them as she appears to also not sleep well with nightmares. She seems terrified of being sent to the hospital.   Fargrim goes to meet up with Xeldarix. He is not a fan of the copper bowl of blood she is using, but he trusts her. So they begin the hallow ritual. Over the course of the day more people seem to be drawn to the building and some are actively making sure no one interferes or upsets any of the paint outside the temple.  
  Karl, Lily and Simone arrive at the mage guild. The guild looks to be ready for the daily ritual. Simone curls up in the corner for some extra sleep. They see June there who is doing some marking of what look to be tests or assignments for Sam. Burke is helping Chip down the stairs. Steve is watching the door.   When Karl leaves with Burke for Poden. There he meets Dean Daxor who is a dull bronze dragonborn, his Brecht human appearance George, and the custodian Alynn Smeltbrow who is in charge of the circles. A small girl seems to be there with Christos, but is quietly drawing in the corner. They talk about a few things. The rules are explained, agreements are signed and payments are made. There are two circles at the academy. One is a back up for emergencies. As Karl is being led to be shown the second one as a few youths teleport in without having sent word to anyone and Alynn goes to discipline them while Karl is taken away.   They discuss the witches and the fact that Master Shyr is with them as a captive. Christos was able to deal with some thanks to the information Karl passes on some time ago.   Daxor takes Karl back to Brechlen with Master Burke.  
  Thankfully when Karl left nothing came through as Lily waits with the whole school. Their return also brings nothing, but when the Poden Dean leaves, it does allow three skeletons in that are quickly destroyed by everyone.   Lily approaches Steve about seeing Pearl. He agrees to send a message to see if they are free for a visit. He would need two hours to get a reply. The trio move to the library where Karl spends some time copying spells and Simone sleeps.   Two hours later Steve returns to say that they can go see Pearl tomorrow but not today.   Karl continues to study and copy spells (magic circle) while Lily takes the mask shopping.   At 4pm they take Simone back to the inn. She reveals that Erin would try to keep her if she went to the meeting and that she has met Karl’s sister. They get Simone situated at the inn before leaving the inn themselves. Lily turns into a spider and Karl rides his horse there.   The Captain is happily waiting for him and swings down from the mast to greet him, inviting him on a tour of the ship.

Rewards Granted

The Forged has a home!

Created Content

Dread Captain Erin Lamvin


Name XP Total Level at end of session
Fargrim 750 65,010 10
Karl 750 65,010 10
Lily 750 65,010 10
Simone 750 38,825 8
Curse of the Unchained
Karl Moller
Level 7 Human (Brecht) Neutral Good Wizard
46 / 46 HP
Lyra Ulvendatter
Level 8 Elf Chaotic Neutral Ranger
/ 53 HP
Lily Wulfsdotter
Level 7 Rjuven Half Elf CN Druid
72 / 72 HP
Fargrim Hammerland
Level 8 Dwarf Lawful Good Cleric
59 / 64 HP
Report Date
20 Jun 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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