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Prompt 1: Ludin's Medical Clinic

Doctor Ludin runs her clinic with compassion and a sense of professionalism that many are rare to see in this side of the city. She does her best to help everyone who walks into her door. Able to provide some of the best medicine you can buy that heals exactly what ails you. Rumor has it she is able to do this with some kind of lost knowledge. - An unknown gossiper
  Doctor Ludin's clinic is an important pillar in the slums of Salire. Established a couple years ago by a young woman with a desire to help. She has provided medicine and check ups to all in the slum willing to step through her door. One of the few buildings considered neutral ground between the gangs as she provides medical care to them when they needed it.   The clinic is mostly ran just by her, though she has recently started to hire a few assistants to aid in her work. This so she could focus more on her own research into different medicines. Teaching those willing how to heal others in order to lower her work load.

Purpose / Function

It was set up to heal the sick and injured in the slums, who have mostly gone with out proper care for years. Thus allowing anyone be they rich or poor, be they law abiding or criminals, be they citizen or outsider, find care for what ails them.

The Doctor is in

  Doctor Ludin is a mysterious figure who came out of no where and has established her self as the healer for all the slums. Many rumors talk of her being an outsider of the city, to a spy for the nobles, and some even believe she may have access to forbidden knowledge.
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