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Salire Capital Building

The Capital Building is where the powerful decide the fate of the city, A building filled with snakes who are to focused on furthering their own power to ever truly working together for the betterment of the city. There was a time it actually meant something, though that feels like a life time ago as many have forgotten when their leaders actually cared for the people the governed rather than the goal of industrial progress. - The Storyteller
    The Salire Capital Building is brain of the city. Located near the elemental generator, this is where the Nobles meet to discuss the future of the city. Originally was just a hut where the different leaders of the humans tribes met and decided the development of the settlement. As the settlement grew the building was built in order to meet the demands of the people. Allowing for more than the council to meet here.   Important figures or business owners were allowed to meet with the nobles who would help make decisions that will aid their interest and the interest of the city. Part of the building would be set up to deal with representatives from the empire and handle the dealings of trade and industry. Another part of the building handled the research and development of city along with housing the teams that maintain the elemental generator.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the Capital Building to be the place where all decisions of the city are made. Here Nobles and powerful individuals decide the fate of the city as they focus on continuing to progress the cities development and their own self interest. It also works as a place where many workers help collect and analyse data from all over the city to help aid in these decisions.
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