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Oh Salire, the place I wish to forget. It was here I was born and started my early years in an orphanage. With the expected path of child labor in the factories who's smoke and ash blanketed the sky. Luckily we escaped that fate and instead spent years living off the street. Hard to say if that was truly an improvement.   We would still probably be in Salire if things didn't go sideways on a job. Not that I regret leaving the place. I just wish it wasn't with blood on our hands. Luckily the black ash covered it up like all things. - Ace Cardia
  The City of Salire is a large city built in the frozen lands of the empire. Thanks to am elemental generator it is able to thrive in the valley it calls home. Sadly the city grew to big to support it's self and sections of the city have problems maintaining it's heat. The city still is the bastion of humanity even if it's carries all the problems along with it.


The place is filled with humans and was once the only place you could find them.


The city is ruled by the human nobles who make sure the factories keep running even at the cost of human life. They are not faring and will not hesitate to punish anyone who causes even a little problem to operations.


The city has the protection and aid of the empire to protect its self. It also has walls and towers to protect its self from the wild beasts of the waste.

Industry & Trade

The city originally handled forging weaponry and equipment for the Presari Empire. Though with the end of the war they have taken over the creation of more civilian level tech and equipment for around the empire. They also deal with mining and processing raw materials into what is needed for infrastructure.


There are factories all over the city. Creating the equipment and weaponry that the empire depends on. At the center of the city is the steam generator that supplies most of the city it's warmth.


Steel, coal and lots of ice.


Stone and steel make up the city. An industrial city which is focused more on function rather than form. Built to keep in heat and be safe from the weather. Though as it ages parts of the city struggle to not freeze to death.


The city of Salire is surrounded by a frozen wasteland encased in a valley. Parts of the city has access to fertile lands to grow farms and Tropical gardens.

Natural Resources

The city of Salire has access to large iron deposits and Coal that can be found in the icy walls around them. They also have access to wood thanks to the forest around the valley. Thanks to the spirits they have access to water and fertile lands.
Alternative Name(s)
The City of Industry
Inhabitant Demonym


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