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The Salire Institute of Technology

The Salire Institute of Technology is considered the most prestigious school in all the city of Salire. Anyone who has a desire to create, design, or manage the advance technology of the city has to get in if they hope to amount to something. While it is rather expensive to get in, leading to a majority of it's students coming from the mid to upper class people of society. Some of the people from the slums or orphanages have proven themselves just as intelligent and earned their way with scholarships.   The Academy is situated not far from the elemental generator. Having a rather beautiful environment to give every student not a care in the world. It also is set up to give access to the many technological marvels that help run the city.   Professor Theobald is the one running the school currently after proving himself through decades of his work as a scientist for the city. While he runs things, he still finds time to teach classes and even continue his research. Currently their are plans for additional improvements to facilitate some great project that the Professor is working on. Though no one knows what could be going on, but it does seem to deal with building a facility with underground access.   Before Professor Theobald ran the School, their was Professor Pearce. She was a genius and kind woman who sought the advancement of humans in the society we found ourselves in. It is thanks to her that we have scholarships that allow even a child of the slums to advance through society using their intelligence. For all is equal before science.

Purpose / Function

The Salire institute of Technology was built to advance the education and research of science. With each student that graduated from it's halls the city grew in it's knowledge and prosperity. Though it's most important purpose is to create the workforce that can maintain the generator that allows the city to survive in the frozen lands.   During Professor Pearce's tenure as the head professor of the institute, that focus became to advance anyone with potential. Making sure to uplift even those from the slums if they held the potential. She even expanded to those in the frozen lands and pushed to get Zid Valen students. Which brought the understanding of runes and their magical properties to the school.


There been additional buildings added and connected to the main building. There is also work on an underground facility to deal with more dangerous experiments.


The School is built to look more gothing, seeming similar to a castle or church in it's adormant. This is mostly to give it a diffrence of look to the rest of the city. It is made of stone with some wood used for some of the additions.


The Main Building was built ten years after the founding as a means to train individuals about the elemental generator and other skilled jobs. Eventually becoming more focused on the sciences as smaller schools were built to teach trade skills.   When Professor Pearce took control she expanded the size of the campus and buildings to accommodate the more students that cam from the slums. Even adding a lab that was focused on the understanding of rune stones that were created by the Zid Valen.   Once Professor Theobald took over he would further add to the building to create places to experiment with different things and develop many of the technology of the city. There's even a room that has a smaller version of the elemental generator for study.


Many representatives from the empire or from companies looking to hire come to the school to see what the students are up to. Used many times as a place show off to get more funding to help in further developing the city.

The Salire Institute opens for a new Semester

  The Institute is preparing to open for the new semester where some of the brightest students come to learn the secrets of technology from the masters of science. The current head of the institute Professor Theobald has claimed to be starting a special class that he will hold to guide the top students in achieving the future of our city.   Those who prove themselves in this class with gain the title of apprentice and will further the Professors goal of creating a brighter future for all who call this city home. - The Salire Times
College / Academy
Parent Location

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