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The Aegarium

Entering the city of Isurium, you'd be hard pressed to miss the temple looming over the horizon: the Aegarium. Its flowing water spouts, perfectly marbled pillars, and massive display of exotic sea-life make it an imposing and impressive sight even in the large city in which it resides. Even more impressive is the skill of the healers whom reside inside the Aegarium, though the nobility of the city would never admit it.
  The Aegarium houses a group of clerics known as the Aega, those devoted to the sea god, Aegamare. The Aega devote themselves day and night to studying all aspects of Aegamare, including but not limited to the tides, the effect of the moon upon the water, the creatures that live within the water, and both magical and natural healing practice. Their dedication to magics which do not focus upon combat and conquest is what has earned the Aegarium the ire of the Beaulieus, the ruling noble family of Isurium. Despite the Beaulieus best efforts, the Aega resist any attempts at changing their way of life, and the appreciation of all the citizens of Isurium whom they have saved has made it impossible to move against them in any real way.
  Luckily for the Beaulieus, the Aega care little about the sway they hold in the city. Instead, they focus upon improving the quality of life for all its inhabitants through their magic, and spreading the gospel of Aegamare, an oft forgotten god. It is in this way that Isurium maintains a dedicate balance between the hard and tough beliefs espoused by the Empire, and the softer, gentler, flowing influence of Aegamare.
  The Aegarium serves a secondary purpose as well, the source of water for the entire city. A large spring bubbles up in a tower in the center of the temple, and the water within flows out to the rest of the city's homes and public bathhouses.

Purpose / Function

The original purpose of the Aegarium was simple and non-discrete: a well. Lacking a nearby source of water after a catastrophe which destroyed Isurium, Aegamare blessed a number of his priests with a never-ending sprout of water in the middle of the town.   The Aegarium remains the main source of water for Isurium, and the large aquaducts flowing out of it provide water for most of the city.


The building is built in a style similar to traditional Ancient Greek architecture, with the use of a lot of marble and columns. The builders also include a lot of lapis lazuli and aquamarine to accentuate the watery nature of the temple.
Temple / Religious complex
Parent Location

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